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How is Grizzleheim going to be structured?

Mar 05, 2009
I checked the forums and could not find the answer to my question. I do not expect that any one would know the answer to my question yet...however I am hoping that the administrators step in on this one.
As I understand Grizzlehiem (from reading posts true/untrue, i don't know) is going to be intergrated into the spiral so any level can access it. If this is true do we have to start from the begining to get all the quests and get the full experience of the new world? If this is the case I am getting a little burned out on starting over everytime there is a wonderful new update.... (and I appreciate all the effort and hard work that Kingsisle puts forth to make this an ever-evolving game that parents and children enjoy together...not easy), however not only do I have my own characters that I am working on- as well as both my son and daughter and their friends-have me working on their quests as well....(i am starting to memorize what quests get what from the amount of time I have had to do them.) I am hoping that I will be able to move forward with my Grandmaster character from where she is and not have to reinvent myself yet again.

Thank you very much,
Nicole Winterblood Lvl 50-Ice
Jennifer Winterblood Lvl 30Fire
Jennifer Deathwhisper Lvl 34-Death
Samantha Pixiewhisper Lvl 5-Life
(plus 5 other characters I would like to claim due to the many hours I have into them )