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How does drop rate work?

Dec 21, 2009

Can anyone explain how the drop rate works in this game? I've slavaged enough evidence to find out that it somewhat relies on attacker. I find this because I'm a life, i did tartarus twice, first time an ice got hades boots, second time ice got armor and a fire got the helmet. You wonder what I got after toiling along with them? Zilch, nothing.
From your thoroughly annoyed wizard,

Aug 20, 2011
There are tons of superstitions about how to get drops. Don't believe them. It doesn't matter if you go first, if you have a lot of pips left, if you have a lot of health left, if you are the one to deliver the final blow, etc.

Drop rates are randomized, meaning you cannot influence their likelihood of occurring. There may be some additional factors at work, like favoring newer players, but rest assured they are beyond your influence. You can't control drop rates in any way.

Jul 09, 2012
Good news and bad news adventurer...

Good news is that you're way off base. Its random. Totally, inexplicably, and punitively random. Your actions do not factor....at all...this is important...your actions do not factor AT ALL in loot distribution except that theoretically you have to have skill enough to not get your party killed before the loot drops.

Now for the bad news. Its random. Totally, inexplicably and punitively random. You can run Dungeon X 100 times and not get the uber Loot Y you desire. That's right, the most exclusive loot in game is determined by a faceless, uninvolved and impersonal diceroll. Neither skill, nor class, nor deck selection, nor previous effort gearing/pet training/farming/crafting/etc, nor cast position, nor pet color, nothing...nothing matters except the RNG. Does it matter you have run Dungeon X 100 times? No. Is it fair that you have spent countless blocks of consecutive hours to run Dungeon X 100 times, know its every nuance, have personally been the glue to hold innumerable groups together and guide them to victory...only to have the least experienced, least skilled, most dangerous member of the group receive the most prestigious loot on their first run through? Yes, at least to the developers. This is Wizard101. On the other hand, it could be argued that its a good/bad situation that you ever even need top end dungeon gear to succeed.

This is why you cannot allow yourself to feel bad or insecure at your gear compared to others. Its luck. That's all. Sheer, blind luck. Do your chances at great loot increase with more frequent runs? I guess...but not really. If Loot Y has an 8% chance to drop with no other predisposing factors, it'll only ever have an 8% to drop. Run it until the day after the end of time and if you luck stinks, you'll never see it...or you'll get the first run through while eating Cheetohs, watching TV and only caring enough to cast a spell (regardless of situation) as the cast clock reaches zero. This is fair.

Sep 17, 2012
Drops have absolutely NOTHING to do with who attacks or who kills. It's totally random for each wizard who is still alive at the end of the battle. Your friends just had better luck. I've gotten just as many drops when I don't attack at all. I've also had loads of Tartarus runs where I one hit kill them all and get nothing, and everyone else gets a drop.

Jul 04, 2012
The drop rate is completely random

Angela Gem
Level 84