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how do you use the blaid spell?

Aug 02, 2011
May 24, 2012
Blades are for you or your foe. Casting a blade for yourself can increase your next spell from your school. So, if you're a fire wizard and you cast yourself a blade, it will rotate around you about face level and boost your next fire spell. If you cast a blade to your foe (and it looks the same except with the jagged edges) it decreases his next spell (any spell!) usually by 25%. Now traps are different. They rotate around your foe's knees. They also give your next school spell to him a boost. I think I'm getting this right. In your spell book clicking on the question mark tab (?) will also explain how to use those. Educate yourself. It will help you when you get up in the ranks and facing more powerful opponents.

Oct 24, 2010
furby2070 wrote:
plaese tell me

The blade is used to make your spell more powerful. Click on the card in your deck, then click on yourself. the next spell you cast, using that school spell, will get whatever boost the blade provides.
Example: 40% life blade will increase an Imp spell by 40%.

If you are level 6 or above, I recommend going to see Diego the Duel Master in Unicorn Way. He can show you how to use blades, shields, etc.

Feb 29, 2012
To use a blade, you first place it in your deck, click on it, then click on whoever you want to put it on. Same goes for traps and shields.

A+ Student
Dec 11, 2010
furby2070 wrote:
plaese tell me

its spell b l a d e not b l a i d

magic101 teacher Destiny iceflame at your service
to use a blade follow these step by step guides
one put it in your spell deck
two go into a battle
three if ya see a blade spell then click it then click the person your giving the blade to or yourself if ya want it on yourself
four whoever the blade spell is casted on will have a little blade charm around you there head
to trigger the blade for its boost use a capable attack spell or wand spell
example time
lets say you have a fire blade
now cast a fire spell ( good ones for lower pyromancers include the fire elf, fire bird, and maybe even a heck hound)
tada the blade will trigger and make your attack do more damage
for more info consult the player guide or if ya want ya can add me in game ( we can meet up using wizard101central for much easier reference)
for more free lessons about the magic in the spiral around us all

Feb 16, 2010
Simply place the blade on yourself or another player before your attack. The blade will boost your attack strength. If you have not done Diego's tutorial quest in Unicorn Way, you should do so.

Jun 08, 2009
Happy to help :)

The Blade Spells amplify the Damage of your next outgoing Damage Spell by the percentage listed on the card, and are best used before casting a Spell. For instance, should you cast, say, Imp, and it does, say, 105 Damage, this is what it will do.

105+40%=147. 40% of 105 is 42, so it becomes 105+42=147. Remember, the Blade I used for the equation is Lifeblade, because it is the only non-Universal Blade that can affect a Life Spell such as Imp. Other Blade percentages can range from 25% to 40%. Blades will appear around your Wizards head when cast, and are color coded. Here is a quick list of them:

Tan: Balanceblade: +25% Universal Boost
Purple: Stormblade: +30% Storm Boost
Red: Fireblade: +35% Fire Boost
Yellow: Mythblade: +35% Myth Boost
Black: Deathblade: +40% Death Boost
Green: Lifeblade: +40% Life Boost
Light Blue: Iceblade: +40% Ice Boost.

Hope this helps!

Paul Stormglade, Archmage Diviner

Go Sparks!