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How do you "make" treasure sards?

Apr 18, 2009
I have many "mutate" cards that say they can mutate one card into another, but when I tryed to use they it won't let me. I also can't use "tough" or "strong" treasure cards on my healing spells or minions. How do I make healing and minion treasure cards?

Mar 08, 2009
Well you cant make any minion spells as far as know, but you can make Satyr with keen eyes.

Jan 20, 2009
Generally, people use the following steps to make treasure cards.

1. Purchase "Keen Eyes" and/or "Tough" from the librarian in unlimited quantities for 25 gold each. If you have modifier treasure cards already (i.e., mutates), skip this step.

2. Put the treasure cards in question into the sideboard of your active deck.

3. Put the spell you want to make into your main deck. Note that you must modify a trained spell, you can't modify a blue spell or another treasure card. Also, "Tough" only modifies damage (fist) spells, whereas "Keen Eyes" can be used to make just about everything else.

4. Enter a battle and discard a non-essential spell and draw the modifier card. Click this modifier card and then click the spell you want to make and it will be transformed into a treasure card with the modified attributes. Finish the battle using a different spell and you can keep the treasure card you made for future battles.

Feb 09, 2009
How do you use mutate cards?
can you use them or just trash them, i have a bunch of them. when i trade i get more, whether i want them or not.

Jan 20, 2009
The mutate cards works like any other modifier treasure card, except that they modify only one spell instead of a selection of spells.

Take Mutate Frost Beetle into Storm Beetle: To use this, you place the mutate card in your sideboard, place a trained Frost Beetle (you must train this spell in order to use the card) in your main deck and click the mutate card after drawing it and click the Frost Beetle spell.