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How Do You Do It?

Jul 10, 2009
So, all of you that can beat like half the game in a month, how do you do it? I tried that approach with Pirate101 last summer, and it took me 3 months to level up 44 times, but I've heard of people beating the whole game in a month. As for Wizard, the shortest world for me was Zafaria, which took me a week, but my brother and I did the whole thing together.

Haley MoonHeart, Promethean Thaumagture

Aug 25, 2013
training the right spells ( up to feint, up to satyr, up to tower) and a life mastery helps significantly.

after that, do EVERY side quest, skip dialogue (for the most part) and do all the talking quests so that your main quests and side quests stack (you'll get several that will ask you to defeat the same type of enemy)

craft the best gear. Wintertusk gear at level 56, there is more but i dont know how to explain it in a short post

but buy gear from the bazaar every 5 levels up til like level 45 i believe.

and if you got friends nice, but with this, i was able to solo about 90% of the game. My death took a while but my storm did reach 95 in about a month.

if in doubt, let me know and I'll be happy to try to meet you in game to try and help you along.

I've only been a member for like 9 months, and my ice has been in existence for maybe like 4 weeks? But i help out friends so not really 100% focused on it you know?

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