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How do henchmen work?

Dec 10, 2011
I have been wondering about henchmen and how they function. Is it a one time buy and you get it forever? Or does it expire after a certain time frame or number of battles? Also I assume their spells and health are based upon the henchman and it's level?

Young Wizard, please take a moment to review the message boards as your question was answered very recently - enough to be on the front page.


Henchmen are hired Wizards that help you in a duel and they can only be purchased during your turn while you are in combat. They will come to your aid and behave similar to your Minion, only stronger and smarter. They will act in the same round that they are summoned by the player, and will disappear once the duel has ended.

Apr 15, 2010
Yes. Henchmen, are to help you in battles. You can buy them in the Crown Shop during a battle. However, they could not be used in a PvP battle. in the PvP battle, you can use minions. In the crown shop, you can buy a henchmen for any level you think is good. But they will have to disappear after the battle, so choose wisely when to get a henchmen, young Wizard!

~ Suri StormRiver