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How Did You Hear About Wizard101?

Sep 03, 2011
In I think third grade, my friend told me about wiz and told me I should try it. So, I did. And I still love it to this day

Victoria Fairyheart

Oct 21, 2013
My brother got me hooked on to W101. I don't know how he got to know but that was 2010 ish. W101 was a game I always left in the corner and came back to after a while.

I had multiple accounts, I ditched many of them and decided to actually play on this one in 2013. I got till Marleybone and left it once again. This time, for 3 years.

Last year's spring is when I got hooked on again. It was a time when I was dealing with a lot of issues. I don't know why I decided to play again but I'm so glad that I did since this game helped so much. I related to a lot of people and that comforted me so much and helped me cope with my issues.

I have a lot to thank this game for :,)

Jan 18, 2010
Easy, the commercials. Must say, it looks much better on TV though, just like Food I:

They should probably employ this tactic to gain more players for their Brother Game, Pirate101