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How did you find out about Wizard101?

Nov 05, 2011
This is a topic to discuss how different players found out about Wizard101 and what their first thoughts of it were.

I discovered Wizard101 by looking on an MMO review website after I discovered my previously favorite MMO was going to be discontinued, I won't mention any names. And I was looking on a list of Family-Friendly MMOs and this one caught my eye, I then discovered it was free, I got it and I soon bought subscription 'cause I loved it so much :D.

Jasmine IceBringer

Sep 08, 2008
I discovered this when I searched for a new fantasy mmo involving magic users and spells.

I gave this a try for the heck of it, and fell in love with it.

May 24, 2009
Not long after the game had started, I saw a commercial on television. It looked super interesting so I asked my parents if I could sign up. They never realized that I would become so totally addicted and it would take up half of my life lol
What they thought was that I would do some free trial and that would be it, but we ended up with a subscription, crowns, hours of me playing non-stop and now writing fanfiction for it. This game is totally the best!

Nov 18, 2011
well one day i was on youtube poking about and found a trailer of it and thats how i found this magifcent glorious fantasic great lovely awsome game

Nov 07, 2009
I first saw it on an online games site (one that generally only does flash games) I clicked the link out of interest , created my wizard, then signed up just to see what it would be like. Now I love it!

A+ Student
Mar 02, 2010
I started playing it when I heard my friends bragging of how awesome it was, and when I did start playing it, this is a self-portrait: Lolz.

May 31, 2011
I saw an advertisement for it on a virtual pet site I was playing on. I liked it right away and got a subscription to the game one or two days after I started.

Nov 05, 2011
My first impretions of the game were sort of Harry Potter-ish, but once I got into the game a bit more, I discovered it was 20 times better than all the Harry Potter books combined :D (and the films ).

But I thought the house quiz thing was a security thing at first, what a fool I was (so therefore that's how my main character got the name Jasmine ICEBringer when I later discovered she was actually balance )

And can I say thanks for posting on this topic, I much appreciate it

Jasime IceBringer

Jul 03, 2010
My grandson started me on it, we did a lot of quests together along with his sister, we made some very good friends. They have since moved on to another online games but I stayed behind.

Feb 28, 2012
My girlfriend told me about it about a month or so ago. We played together for a bit, but she blazed past me in levels cause she plays more than I do because of my job. She's lvl38 and I am lvl16.

This is just one among many games we play together.

Aug 10, 2011
I heard about it in August, 10, 2010 (How Ironic, i joined the same date a Year later!) but i thought it was one of those boring violent typical fighting games. So i waited a Year later... Before joining, i saw a Video of it. It looked exciting, so i decided to join.

Now im COMPLETELY Hooked to it!!! :D

Nov 26, 2011
Well, one day I was watching TV and saw the Celestia Commercial (Might have spelled that wrong). I took the test, and turned out I'm ice. But right now I'm fire.

Jul 30, 2010