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How are rank points determined?

May 28, 2009
I searched for an answer to this question both here and Wizard101Cental and have only found 1 post asking the question but it wasn't answered. I am hoping that KI will respond and let us all know how rank points are determined.
I have played a lot of PVP lately and I don't see a very clean correlation between each match and the points awarded for those matches. Early on if I was matched with higher ranked people I would get higher points so I originally thought that rank points were awarded with a system that considered the underdogs. Silly right?! Then as things went on it seemed like I was getting less and less points per match. Now the -1 bug is causing me to be ranked against low level / low rank wizards and I get insane rank points for those matches. When we get matched with Grands / Warlords and win we don't ever get more than 10 points but if we loose we often loose more than 15. It is all over the place, or it seems like it is. KI, is there a specific formula or a generic concept that you can explain that will help me to understand this a little better? And if anyone else knows or wants to know please chime in as well. Thanks!

May 22, 2008
There is currently a bug in the PvP ranking system. THe server thinks some people ranks are -1, which is why you are seeing all these abnormalities.

Usually, if you have a lower rank/level:

if you win: you get more than 15 points
if you lose: you lose less than 15 points

but if you have a higher rank/level:

if you win: you get less than 15 points
if you lose:you lose more than 15 points

hopefully KI will fix this -1 rank bug soon!