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Housing Question

Jun 09, 2009
I have a nice sum of gold and I'm starting to look around for a house. I notice in the house shop there are pictures on the walls of the houses. Some of them I can't place. If you walk into Marleybones house shop and turn right at the door there is a picture of a house and it looks like lava is coming out of the front of it.

My question is this:

I'm in marleybone right now, when I get to Mooshu(sp) will I have access to another style of house? How many types of houses are there?

Why hasn't KingsIsle put pictures up of ALL the houses on thier webpage? People like me want to see all the options before buying.


May 28, 2009
I agree with this post completely and have seen suggestions and suggested in previous posts that we be given an option to "Tour" the house first. It could be a single instance dungeon that lasts two minutes. After that, if you had not already left, it would put you back in the shop with the turtle. We seriously need this added KI. I don't want to have to buy every house out there "Site Unseen" just to see which one I like best. There are about to be 6 worlds with two housing options each and the pictures on the wall are just not cutting it. The same principles apply in real life. You just can't get the idea of what type of house it is until you have had a chance to walk around in it and outside of it.

Jan 20, 2009
Currently there are two styles of house for each world. I agree it would be nice to see more details about them before buying, but there are small representations of each in the different housing shops.

Dec 31, 2008
I agree with the tour.

I saved up and shelled out for the fifty thousand gold castle in Dragonspyre and while it is really cool, it wasn't what I had been going for and would have gone another way.

The tour option would help us select a house that suits what we are going for, and someone doesn't do what I did and spend a ton of gold and be stuck with something not quite what they wanted.

Dec 20, 2008
Ok, I'm going by memory here, so if I mess up..someone feel free to correct me. Wizard city has 2 house styles...1 has a "cottage" look and is a ground floor with an upstairs loft. The other is a "mansion" 3 floors, but not a full 3 floors, has more than enough space for a guest room.

Don't know about the Krok styles.

Mooshu has 1 "cottage" style, as in same floor plan, but the outside has the look of the traditional Asian style and the inside is the same. The other is a "palace" in that style. It's all one floor, but long rather than tall.

Marleybone has a town home and a rather large "palace" style. Both palace styles have large areas of ground. Can't recall the room count.

Dragonspyre I can't get to and so wasn't able to check out in the test game.

Yep, tours or floor plans and photos are really needed. The paintings are hard to see. Perhaps if the paintings could be linked to floor plans, photos and tours, that would help?

Dec 31, 2008
I like the instance idea as a way to visit houses before buying. You wouldn't even have to put a timer on it; there's no harm wandering around in an empty house, and an instance already limits the number of people at one time.

If you go to the fan site Wizard101Central.com, and look in the forums under Housing, many people have posted pictures and videos of the houses they have bought and decorated. It's also a great place to find guides, spoilers, and answers about the game, and other players to talk to.

Jun 09, 2009
Thank you for the website Susume(I also signed up!). I have visited there and viewed all of the current housing options. I chose the Marelybone Mansion(30,000) because it fits my needs perfectly. It is quite a huge house too. Tons of space.

(Rebecca Duskweaver)