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Housing games with multiple castles

May 16, 2015
Hi. I recently finished my first castle and I'm addicted. I plan to make buy and decorate many more. I have a question though. As I collect my castles, I plan to have teleporters from each to each, so that any of my castles will be able to be visited directly from any of my other castles. So my question is, if I start a game of tag in one castle, and a participant teleports to one of my other castles, will they just be taken out of the game, or is the playing field just expanded to include the other castles?


Jun 19, 2010
teleporters are awesome to have between all your houses, but alas, housing games are limited to one house at the moment. Its still a very cool idea to have games that take place across multiple houses players own :)

May 16, 2015
ah okay, thanks for the answer :) Too bad. I agree, it would be cool to have a tag game going on through multiple castles with teleporters.
Also, my apologies, I posted the same question again last night because when I didn't see this one as being approved I thought maybe I forgot to hit submit or inadvertently broke the forum rules rendering this original post null and void. :)