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House and Castle prices to high?

Jun 27, 2009
OK, I started playing Wizard101 not to long ago. I made a Balance/Life person who's name is Scarlet Deathwalker. I spent pretty much every penny with her on pets and housing items (waste of money). I got her to level 21 when i finally wanted a house, but i never had enough money to get one. So I made a new character, Myth/Storm. Her name was Grace Wildeyes. She never spent any money (accept for one spell deck, one dragon which was about 500 dollars and that's it!!) Still after doing sooo many quests and getting to level 16, I'm still not even half way to a house ($8000). And considering you get the quest to go talk to the guy that sells houses at level 15, I'd think somehow I would be able to afford a house!! I just want to know if there's anyone else having the same trouble as me! :D

Jun 14, 2009
You are not alone. I noticed the exact same thing and asked the same questions to myself.

It seems a bit silly to tell that you can buy a house while it is technically not possible to have the financial means at that level in the game.
Also I agree that house prices are a bit steep in general. Maybe the higher level houses are more up to par to what one can expect to have earned in the game, but at level 16 it is a bit silly to suggest buying a house when you can forget about doing so until at least level 20.

So no, it is not you at all.

Dec 14, 2008
if you are in wizard city krok and marleybone it may be a bit harder but when you hit mooshu and dragonspyre gear sells for about 300 on the shop on average..... and also they havent fixed bazaar glitch were elik buys thigns for a lot less then the shops so make sure to sell your un used gear and sell it to shop keepers..... the rule of thumb I came up with is dont sell hats robes or boots to him...... anything else should go for a higher price. I made 15k in one day doing helgrind warren and finishing yoshihito tmeple in mooshu :/

so what I am trying to say is that when you hit mooshu ( I think marleybone may also sell thigns highly ) and dragonsprye you will be swiming in gold :D

Jun 27, 2009