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Higher Equipment

May 21, 2011
Ok, so I'm a level 55 Fire wizard. But I'm pretty weak. I can't defeat a Piscean Soldier in Celestia by myself, and I only have 2,500 health, or something like that. I'm doing Grizzleheim too, but it isn't enough to make me stronger. Does anyone have any suggestions to what equipment I should wear, or any tips like that? Thanks,
Sydney Mistcatcher
Level 55 Fire

Feb 29, 2012
You can craft some nice gear in WT, but the recipe is almost all the way through. If you craft you can find some decent stuff in CL, I think I crafted a helm at lvl 55 there that was pretty good. (although you need the crafting quest from the floating land to get to grandmaster artisan)
My daughter is fire and to me it seems like a tough school to play. You have little life, and the spells are mostly DoT, albeit powerful.
I would train ice to tower shield so as to protect yourself after tossing a big DoT spell and the heal.
If CL is a problem then WT will be awful for you at the moment.
I would say you should be able to handle CL if you plan it out though.
If you haven't already, try and get a pet with spritely, and have ample tower shields loaded to make up for your lower life. A tower shield will stop anything, and you wont load your deck up with single school shields.
Good luck!