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High level gear not worth it?

Nov 11, 2012
ok My concern is what is the point of crafted gear if its only one point up from the gear you already have?? for example my Avalon robe that i crafted has 12% all around resist...the one i want to craft in azteca has 13% -____- now in Avalon most wizards are level 72-83(around those levels) So why does KI make the robes only one up from the gear in the previous world?? I mean I dont expect the resist or health to be high like 50% but I mean make the gear worth crafting atleast, can we get better resist and stats??? The Bazaar level 94 and 95 gear is horrible (mainly the robes and shoes). Its horrible especially for wiz that dont buy crowns to purchase the high gear in the crownshop. Am I the only one that feels like this?? I dont expect all gear to have good and wonderful stats but as a almost maxed level wiz...looking at other high level wiz keep their same low level gear i see why cause the gear has no good stats..no resist...lower health...low damage...critical rating doesnt matter since all bosses block and overall not worth even buying or crafting.

Also. farming bosses and dun for good gear is a waste cause its time consumming and a waste of 3-4 hours and farming one place for over 20 times just to get one pair of shoes or a robe.

Mar 27, 2011
It would make sense for crafted gear to be some of the best in the game, but in most cases it isn't. There are some unique and useful crafted items, so it is sometimes worth doing anyway, but if you are our for straight stats nothing after waterworks is a big step up. We just change a bit here and there to get a little more of one thing at the expense of something else. The lack of good looking, strong gear at higher levels is probably my biggest disappointment in the game. From WC to DS & WT we had something to work for every 5 to 10 levels After that, meh... ugly clothes with so-so stats.

Aug 06, 2012
This is why many higher-leveled players (myself included) keep their Waterworks gear long after they've gotten in. My Sorcerer, who just started Azteca, is using his Hood of Judgement because it gives the best all-around stats (until the Hades gear, I believe). The problem with post-Celestia gear is that it generally cuts down on defense for more Critical power and Armor Piercing. As someone who doesn't really rely on Criticals, I prefer having higher Resist and Block so that I can take hits as well as dish them out. Also, a lot of the best gear post-Celestia tends to be "No Auction." In fact, I think Avalon has the most "No Auction" drops I've ever seen in a world to date- bosses seem to drop nothing but "No Auction" gear. As you level up, you'll find that Bazaar gear pales more and more in comparison to "No Auction" boss drops and Crafting gear.

Talon Shadowstone, Lv 83
John Forge, Lv 49
Talon Icewraith, Lv 17

Sep 17, 2012
You are focusing on only one stat and use. Gear does more than just resist and different gear has different uses. I'll use my crafted robe for an example since you didn't say what school.

Poet's Robe
+250 Max Health
+8% Storm Accuracy
+23% Storm Attack
+12% Resist All
+65 Storm Critical
+50 Fire +65 Ice Critical Resist

Royal Storm Tunic of Azteca
+250 Max Health
+8% Storm Accuracy
+24% Storm Attack
+13% Resist All
+75 Storm Critical
+60 Fire +72 Ice Critical Resist

It's not a huge leap, but it's also only one piece of an outfit. Crafting is for people who want decent gear but don't want to put in the work of farming Tartarus or don't have crowns. If you are happy having low level gear, then be happy with low level gear. Farming for gear costs nothing. What exactly are you going to do once you're maxed out anyways? I suppose you can quit playing until the next world comes out, or sit around doing pvp and gardening and hatch pets. Or you could have some fun with friends fighting in a dungeon. I personally would rather have a good fight with a possible prize of great gear than sit around doing nothing waiting.

Jul 06, 2012
Well at some point (like at the level I'm at) gear get's really expensive, but every once and awhile a boss drops some worthwhile gear. It all depends on how you want to get the gear.

Victoria Legend FlameLv.84