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Help with Deck build and Training point spending

Mar 09, 2013
I have been playing this game on and off for a while and just winging it. Now I come to the point to where I want to get a little more serious about it and need some advice on proper deck build and training point spending. Any advice?

Aug 18, 2011
We'd need a lot more information to give any specific advice worth beans. Your school and play style should dictate your choices.

Serious PvP centers around very specific builds (gear/pet/deck setup) and strategy. You need to plan both the school and level you want to compete at and train specifically for that.

For PvE and casual PvP you want a bit more versatity, but there is no universal "right way".

General advice for PvE:

* The most common advice "Life to Satyr, Death to Feint, Ice to Tower" shouldn't be followed blindly. It isn't exactly "wrong" but it's far too generic to be best for everyone.

* Don't be in a rush to spend training points. Save them unless you have a definite, specific use for an off school spell.

* Train off school spells for utility, buffs, and manipulations, not damage. At higher levels it's hard to use damage from other schools effectively. There are a few exceptions to this, but more often you want healing, combination blades or traps, auras, etc not attacks.

* Keep your deck small and simple when questing. You want at least two decks; boss and mob. Your mob deck has no shields, no single attacks (once you get an AoE) and no more than one heal. Almost every street fight in the game can be done by any school in 3 to 5 rounds. if you are often taking more than that, you are wasting time and probably have too much in your deck. Boss decks should be adjusted as needed. They will be bigger than mob decks (usually) but should still be focused, not "everything and the kitchen sink"

EVERYONE should train the tri-blade (elemental or spirit) that matches his or her school at least. If you are support school, train all those buffs.

EVERYONE should train Sun damage enchantments all the way to Colossal.

For specifics, check out the guides on 101Central, Duelist101, Mercenaries101, and other fan sites.

Oct 24, 2010
JackDeathBlade547 on Aug 26, 2014 wrote:
I have been playing this game on and off for a while and just winging it. Now I come to the point to where I want to get a little more serious about it and need some advice on proper deck build and training point spending. Any advice?
Kind of difficult to give advise when we have no idea what school or what level your wizard is.
Please provide that and help will be on the way!

Sep 07, 2011
There are a lot of ways to play, depending on your school and if you are on a team or solo. PvP and PvE are different too. You should read some of the guides on the official fan sites and see what looks best for your needs.

Usually you want a small simple deck so you can find cards fast, and gear with a good balance of basic stats (resist, damage, accuracy, pips). From there you fine tune for each mission.

Mar 14, 2011
I cant give you advice if i dont know what school you are

~ AnthonyMythFlame lvl 83 Mangrove Marsh

Jun 13, 2010
something i think every school should train:
Tri blades/Traps from balance. (Elemental/spirit blade) [2 training points]
Satyr from Life. [7 pips]
Feints from Death. (helps a lot at higher level bosses) [7 training points]
(i have a level 45 with all these spells so far at level 45)

Damage Enhance to spells from Sun School (such as Colossal) [5 training points]
Potent trap/blade Also from Sun school. (level 86) [2 training points]
Vengeance/Amplify/Fortify From Star School [3 training points(if you want all 3 spells)]

Extras :Tower Shield from Ice [ 5 training points]

92+ shadow spells is really up to you. (at this level you should know what you want)
(in my case i prefer Shadow Strike)

PVE Decks
I prefer having small deck for minions (such as the ones you have to kill again and again for quests)
For Ex,
my Life's deck : 3 life blades - 3 spirit blades - 4 forest lord - 4 colossal (Heals in treasure deck in case of emergency)
Low level fire's deck (45) : 3 Fire Blades - 3 Elemental blades - 4 MeteorStrike (Monstrous+fairy in treasure)

Normal Bosses
Just have the usual, blades/tri blades/Feints/heals/higher damage spells.

Dungeon bosses
Such as bosses in Waterworks,Elephant tower,Tartarus, they have cheats, so you will have to edit your deck accordingly. (use the biggest deck you can)

i don't PVP.

Mar 09, 2013
Sorry, I guess it would have made since to tell what school I am. I am a level 23 Necromancer. I do okay, but never really took the time to read about the game before I started playing. Now that I am gaining levels, I have gotten more interested in playing on a consistent basis. Any advice given would be greatly appreciated.

Jun 01, 2011
Don't forget to train for reshuffle, or at least make sure you have a couple reshuffle TC's in your TC deck. You can get those from the Wizard City Library.