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Help on building a deck?

Feb 01, 2011
Ok so this is my first time posting something on this so if i do a mistake please forgive me.

I am a level 55 grandmaster death student and i need help building my deck. My spells are all over the place and it has been getting harder for me ever since i entered celestia. I will list ALL my spells from my deck from all my schools.

  • Life
  • legend shield
  • imp
  • sprite
  • pixie
  • leprechaun
  • spirit armor
  • sanctuary
  • seraph
  • satyr
  • centaur

  • storm
  • thermic shield
  • storm shield
  • storm trap
  • thunder snake
  • lightning bat
  • storm shark


  • polymorph gobbler
  • fortify
  • amplify


  • animate
  • death blade
  • death trap
  • death shield
  • infection
  • death prism
  • curse
  • dream shield
  • empower
  • dark pact
  • steal health
  • dark sprite
  • plague
  • feint
  • doom and gloom
  • ghoul
  • strangle
  • banshee
  • beguile
  • sacrifice
  • poison
  • vampire
  • skeletal pirate
  • wraith
  • scarecrow

please answer me and take your time to respond to me

Also more info: my deck is level 55 i forgot what its called and it can hold up to 64 cards (max)

thanks for answering

Micheal FireWeaver 55 Grandmaster necromancer

Feb 19, 2010
Well for a PvE (player versus environment) deck you really should slim this deck down a bit. Most people i know including myself only have 20 or less cards in their deck at any given time.

T level 55 my death usually just had;

3 deer knight
3 death blade
1 feint
3 wrath
3 sun boost i forget which one is level 55 (giant or whatever)
3 scarecrow

Thats all i rolled with and never had a problem soloing or in group.
With a smaller more refined deck you get your combos much faster and can end the battle more efficiently.

Dec 01, 2011

Even though thats for higher level players, how can they not work for you?

Aug 26, 2011
I'd recommend doing Wintertusk before Celestia, it makes Celestia a LOT easier

But for your deck, it depends on what you're doing.

For PvE, smaller is better.

When I ran Celestia my death wizard had in her deck:

1 Deathblade
1 Deathtrap
1 Feint
1 Curse
2 giant/monstrous/gargantuan (depending on level)
1 Crow
1 Wraith
1 Reshuffle

That's it (for learned spells)

I also had the wintertusk crafted gear and witch's star necklace (drop from Nastrond), so from gear I had:

1 Deathblade
1 Deathtrap
1 Balanceblade
1 Hex
1 Crow (from the scarecrow pet -- also in wintertusk)
1 Doom and Gloom (never anything more than a discard)

With 5 wand blasts, that's 20 cards total.

This deck worked VERY well, in fact with small changes, I'm still using it in Azteca. (for Celestia and most of Zafaria it was three-turn smashy for street fights. Cast one deathblade on turn one, the other turn on turn two, and then crow on turn three. The traps were there only for bosses, otherwise they were discards.

And I know what you're thinking, "What about death monsters/bosses?"

When I encountered those, I'd open up my deck and insert:

7 Death Prism

This would virtually guarantee that I'd pull a prism (or two) with the opening hand, thereby changing a hard fight into "four turn smashy".

Feb 07, 2011
hey there~ first of all, my death wizard struggled in celestia as well, and it really threw me. in fact, valerian struggled so badly through stormriven that i pulled him out of that death pit at level 55 and sent him to do wintertusk instead, before bringing him back to cl at level 62.

point is, i suggest doing wintertusk first. it's a lot easier than cl, gives better xp, and it's easier to get stuff done when the bosses and mobs don't critical every turn (if you're under level 50, you can't block critical hits and won't stand a chance).

as soon as you hit level 50, make sure to buy some gear with good resist and critical block~ some of the wintertusk mobs and bosses drop decent gear; then, when you get to sudrilund, the crafted gear in sudrilund is some of the best stuff available for that level.

i also recommend training stun block (from diego in unicorn way, by the arena), if you haven't already. there are ice mobs in the grotto that love to chain-stun, to the point that you probably won't get a shot off before you're defeated.


second half of the issue here is that your deck is way too big.

1) get rid of all the storm and life stuff~ you don't need any of it, it's taking up space.

2) your ideal deck setup should be:

-1 deathblade
-1 spirit blade
-1 scarecrow
-1 monstrous
-1 amplify
-1 stun block (2, if you're facing ice)
-1 reshuffle

start with blades, then crow, reshuffle as required; ice loves to stun, so get those blocks up first, if you can; and, if you are facing myth, they love to earthquake~ substitute traps for blades. and, of course, use prisms as required, for same-school fights.

good luck!

valerian deathwhisper, archmage necromancer