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Help Making My Deck Better As Death

May 27, 2019
I just arrived in celestia as a lvl 50 death and was struggling super bad so I did some wintertusk and am now lvl 54.I had to stop though because of 8k health ice bosses in wintertusk who are my main issue.My deck just can't seem to handle high health bosses anywhere.I'm here asking if anyone for tips on my deck.My death damage is 67 and yet I still cant do enough.

I put training points into

-To Tower Sheild And Stun Block
-Strong And Giant
-Reshuffle And Spirit Blade

Currently My Deck Is

1 Stun Block
3 Giant
1 Curse
3 Death Traps
3 Death Blades
2 Deer Knights
1 Feint
3 Scarecrow
1 Reshuffle
2 Wand Hits and A Death Blade from Pet

Usually for just enemy fights I double blade and enchant scarecrow for a nice 3 round instant kill but bosses just end me almost everytime.I just cant seem to do enough even with feints,traps,and blades everywhere.Any help at all would be great :D.

(I have 9 training points burning a hole in my pocket if anyone has any tips on how to spend them)

Aug 08, 2010
Keep in mind that AoE spells aren't very damage efficient. I'd recommend adding a couple of wraiths and pirates, that extra damage adds up fast w/ modifiers. Might also want to add in a few poisons for ice bosses to counter tower shield. Celestia is a big step up in difficulty at the start. One more thing I strongly recommend is getting the critical enhancing Star spell when you can. Having a drain spell go critical really helps keep you alive in long fights. Also, for high health boss fights don't try for a massive one-hit-KO stack. Get a small drain stack going to kill the minion first, then go for the boss. Believe me, there is a massive difference between a 1v1 boss fight going long and a 2v1 boss fight going long. Also try and find "Bastilla's Deadly Choker" in the Bazaar if you haven't already. It gives two Death Trap item cards that really help stacking.

Sep 05, 2010
In my experience, it's best to carry two decks: one for mobs, one for bosses. This way, you don't have to constantly change your cards around per fight.

As for deck orientation specifically, generally try to carry as few cards as needed.

Mob deck: 2 deer knights (+ 2 damage enchants), and a couple blades should suffice. Mass feint if you have it (from worgyn's hood).

Boss deck: A couple strong single-target hits, possibly an AoE, blades and traps to match. Feints are your friend, especially the item card if you have it (via pet or necklace), and treasure cards if you can afford them. Pet blade helps. Life-steal spells will help you stay alive as you deal damage. Try to take the minion out first, or use a scarecrow with some blades to kill it and deal some damage to the boss at the same time. At most you should only have roughly 15-20 cards in your deck, any more than that is overkill. If the boss has shields, you can bring wand spells or pierce/shatter TC.

If you ever think you might run out of cards, you can always have a few reshuffle TC in your side. Don't bother training the spell, the TC costs less pips to cast and costs only ~1k gold.