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Help I need to find a wand!

Mar 29, 2010
I remember there being a wand model for the lightning bolts from Aquila, only this one was held like a smaller wand (at your side as opposed to upright like a staff). Still just as big as the regular ones, only held differently. I really really want this for my storm, but I can't find any proof of that model existing and I don't want to waste my time farming for something that doesn't exist (although I could swear it does). Is this a real wand, or is this another case of the "Mandela Effect" and I'm just remembering it weird. If it does exist can some kind soul give me a name for the wand and who to farm for it exactly?

Nov 16, 2017
At one point I had a wand that was double, that is it was both ice and Myth, and it would self cast on occasion. I believe it was from that first female guard you talk to inside the hall. Long, and I held it under my arm when I cast. I never did remember when I got it or maybe it was dropped. Strange since I never finished Aquila. It worked great around lvl 50 - 55 then I started seeing better stuff. Look in the wiki pages.

Sydney Skyblood, lvl 82 Fire