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help for a new balance wizard

Feb 19, 2010
im not new to the game but im new to balance school my previous wizard is a life and storm

Jan 13, 2010
I am more than happy to help you! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) So, this is what i suggest you do. So, as soon as you get up to lvl 22 on your balance (which you might already have) do grizzleheim. Do it until you get your lvl 55 balance spell which is availing hands. It heals you over time. It heals you altogether almost as much as satyr. You can do grizzlheim more if you want but since you got that do your main quest. Then, once up to celestia do the sun spells.Then once you get up to zafaria and you get up to drum jungle there is a side quest which allows you to get collosal. I got the amulet but that only gives one card but it does 330+ damage but the normal one gives you six cards but it only does 275+ damage. For your secondary school, train death.

Lvl 76 Balance Wizard (Sorcerer)

Apr 17, 2011
zazly wrote:
im not new to the game but im new to balance school my previous wizard is a life and storm

Your fine balance is very easy.

Feb 07, 2011
zazly wrote:
im not new to the game but im new to balance school my previous wizard is a life and storm

Hi, zazly~ welcome to the wonderful world of Balance!

My archmage sorceress was my first wizard and, up until level 60, I had a hard time bonding with her. It takes a very-specific personality to play Balance well, and I don't have it... but I learned a lot about her offensive abilities by playing the other schools.

My favourite schools are Storm and Death~ the first for its high damage, and the second for the numerous traps and buffs available. We typically have fewer buffs available than the other schools, but if you can combine those strategies— buff up, hit fast, and go for a one-hit kill— it will help you to maximize your new Balance wizard's skills.

Worth noting: it's very difficult for a Balance wizard to have good stats in all areas~ if you go for accuracy or damage, your defensive stats will suffer, and the same is true for if you choose to build resistance over damage. Until recently, I had no in-game friends, so I built my sorceress to play a very-defensive game~ she can't hit as hard, and she definitely has fizzle days, but her 35% universal resist, 170 crit block, and 50% boost to incoming heals mean that she can take a lot more damage than the average Balance wizard.

As a Life wizard, you already know how to play a support school~ as a Storm wizard, you know how to hit hard and go for the kill-shot before the enemy has a chance to hurt you. You'll be fine!

Happy wizarding!

El Veeb
the Archmage of Awesomeness ;)

Feb 19, 2010
thank you its bin a bunch of help i got to the krokosphinx at lvl 14 and haven't had any trouble cant quite pick a secondary school though my wizard is Devin Crowsong

Feb 29, 2012
I have a level 20ish balance wizard, and what I have found is buy some Tough or Strong (the +100 damage ones) and enchant sandstorm. Helps with mobs a lot.
My first (and favorite) wizard is death, so balance is tougher to play, but I am starting to like it.
Death makes a good choice for secondary imho, because of the drain spells. But the nice thing about balance is that your buffs will work with any secondary school, as they are universal. The bad part is you cannot wand off weakness. So I carry Cleanse Charm tcs as well.
Good luck!