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Jun 28, 2009
Ok i have some questions because im new to wizard101. If you could answer that'd be great. I have a lot of questions but ill ask my 3 main questions.

1 : I have a Death Wizard and im at the point where i have to pick a second school. what do you think should be his Life or Myth i do a little bit of grouping and do a little bit of soloing. I dont do PvP .

2: When i buy a deck i know what it means like how many cards, and the max copies, but what is a sideboard?

3: And my last question is what level should you be when you leave Wizard City to go to krok ( krokotopia)? And what level should you be when you leave krokotopia to go to marlebone

A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
Good questions, but #1 is tough to answer.

1. Many different opinions here. I personally like to go with myth as a secondary as it works well on Triton and Firecat and has the addition of getting the trap early. Once I get enough training points though, and have the Amulet of Eyes (Cyclopes card), I rebuy and spend in Life so I get the healing (I work with others a lot). The spirit blades & traps allow you to put up blades and traps for both myth and life, as well as death, so life is good for an attack spell. You will find as you go up though, all your cast spells will be attack spells from your own school due to power pips, so don't count on attacks from other schools (I carry at most 1, plus items).

1-cont: Others like to go for the quick kill, so storm or fire works well, but again, you run into problems early on firecat or triton. Many like balance, due to the lack of resistance, etc.

Sideboard: A place where you can store treasure cards, in case you need them. In the screen where you choose your spells, click on the rightmost icon and you will bring up slots for these on the left, and choices you have earned/bought on the right. Just click as normal. To use in combat, just right click on a card to discard, and select the middle button (draw) to randomly pull one card from the sideboard.

Levels: Around level 12 you should be able to go Krok. It is up to you to decide if you wish do the optional quests in WC or continue on. I have done both, and it doesn't seem to matter.

As to level leaving Krok, I suggest doing all the side quests, as this is a fun game, not a race game, so somewhere in the mid-20s.

Dec 14, 2008
Good coverage, Mike.

For my Death Wizard, I selected Life as the second school because of the Boost bonus I would get when attacking Death monsters and I still have a high "to hit" percentage. Of course, the higher the level of Death monster that I am attacking with a Life spell, the higher the damage bonus. For instance, if I have straight damage with no equipment or spell boosts:
2 pip spells: Storm Bats 245 - 285, Fire Elf 260 over 3 rounds, Snow Serpent 155-195. However, when I use Lephrechaun against a level 6 Death Boss, it does 233 -293. At the top end, Life will do more damage and I don't suffer a drastic fizzle rate.
I also liked the option of having a variety of healing spells that I could use on myself and team mates.

What Mike described for the Sidebar is correct. People use it for a variety of tactics. I use my Sidebar for carrying Healing Treasure Cards. When I need to heal, I discard a displayed card that I don't want to use and then draw a Fairy, Sprite, Dryad or Satyr, depending on what is loaded.

I also carry multiple decks: One that I use for attacking just about everything, one for fighting monsters that are mixed with resistant monsters, one for fighting all resistant monsters and one for crafting Treasure Cards. I haven't created a Deck specifically for PVP, but I'm sure other players have something like that set up.

Good luck and have fun

Mar 18, 2009

1: Remember, you don't have to have a secondary school. You can simply spend your training points on cards/spells that you personally enjoy or create advantages for you.

3: There is no set level limit, but you do have to complete some required quests to leave both WC and Krok. Whatever level you are after completing those quests, is the level you should be. Completing the side quests adds extra levels and sets you up for future success.