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Feb 14, 2010
hi i am new to the message board and wanted to say hi, but aside from that i wanted to know what type of wizard i should make tell me your favorites and why also i like to solo so i need to know which school is good for soloing no life or fire plz thx .

May 09, 2009
Hi! Welcome to the message boards! Without a doubt my favorite class is storm! While you have horrible defenses and lack good accuracy until the second arc, being able to attack quickly really helps you make good progress. As for solo reasons, I suggest Ice for being able to take damage especially in Avalon+. I also suggest myth because of minions( it isn't so helpful in higher level worlds though). I also think you should try out storm!

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Cody Thunder Caller

May 03, 2014
Sep 19, 2013
Death school. Make a death wizard. Death is the most OP school ever. You've got drains for healing, and you can basically make any boss battle a 1v1 by draining the minion(s). You also get Feint for free, and Dark Pact for team play. You also get Avenging Fossil that does a heavy hit to a single target, and then a mini-AoE to all other targets. The only downside of Death is the lack of AoEs until 48, and Crow is pretty weak, alas. I recommend getting Deer Knight at around Avalon, or as soon as possible.

Jul 05, 2014
Pretty much depends on what you, or what you're like. Here's a bit of what the schools are:
Fire does D.O.T ( Damage over time ) and hits pretty good! ( in my opinion its the second strongest ) it has ehh okay health ( I think ) 75% accuracy.

Ice ice is mostly defense school but don't underestimate them! They can be strong! They may start out a tad bit weak but trust me you'll get stronger. Ice had good spells and they're pretty helpful

Life They are the healing school. They are super helpful. They're not the strongest school but they're still pretty decent in attacks. I am a life wizard too actually.

Storm By FAR strongest school ( no offense to the other schools ). But there are some pros and cons to the storm school. Cons: Not so good accuracy, pretty low health. Pros: Really strong. ( can't think of others sorry )

Balance Balance is kinda everything. It has spells that either do fire, ice, or storm! They're actually a pretty interesting school! Its based off a desert and it has like its own world! Not to mention they are really good at weakening and helping!

Death This school is really cool as well! This school is based on stealing damage from enemy/player and healing yourself half at same time! They have pretty good accuracy and I think average health. They do have neat spells too.

Myth Myth is a really cool and helpful school. You get to summon a lot of minions which support pretty well. You also get to break shields and stun! Once when I was pvping, there was this myth guy who did earthquake and my team had a LOT of shields and they sadly all disappeared from the spell. They have average accuracy.

Hope that helped you! ( sorry for long message! forgive me if I made a mistake! )

Feb 14, 2010
thanks for the answers, i have narrowed it down to ,, or please tell me which on you think is the best thank p.s anyone can answer.

Dec 03, 2012
Welcome to the message boards!
While I am a long time member of Wizard101, I did balance and found it extremely difficult. I think your best option is...

level 90 (retired)

Jun 01, 2011
crow isn't weak? I am exalted and with 5 blades and 5 traps I do well over 20k damage.
Look, if you want to play wizard, I recommend you use a death character to start out with for the main reason of they can hit and heal themselves at the same time. Which comes in handy when you don't have a heal available. Here are your stats for each school in case you're curious...
While they have extremely high life their attacks are much weaker. They also have a universal shield that assists them with attacks from any school. Also have the ability to stun, allowing you time to gear up for a hit.
Attacks can be strong if planned accordingly. They have efreet which is -90% to attack on your opponent when used. They also can stun. Health is iffy depending on the gear you use.
While storm has the least amount of life, they also hit the strongest. Which is why they have less life than most. (wizard had to make it fair). They have the ability to stun and are common fizzlers. A Sidhe staff can stop the fizzles once you reach level 65. Can be bought in crown shop or dropped in Celestia at Stellarium or Mirror lake in Zafaria.
They have a lot of life, lot of heal spells, but only 1 multi attack and a few single. This school is mostly for those who like to heal others.
Several multi attacks. Also have spells to knock of blades/shield/trap. Also can stun. Life is so-so. Most attacks hit twice in one attack. Mostly to knock off shields.
Universal school. Have spirit/element blades, shields, and traps. Have their own blades and traps. Health is so-so but their attacks CAN be weaker than most. Also have a few heals aside from standard fairy.
They can attack while healing. 3 traps not including spirit trap as you have to spend points to train. Good health and if you play your cards right can make a super strong attacking death and not need help to play higher worlds.

Hopefully this helped some....

Oct 29, 2013
Hi, and welcome to the message boards.

I have four wizards and all usually solo. I do not PVP at all so my answer and experiences are based on PVE only. My death and balance wizards have the easiest time playing solo. My fire wizard needs help much more often due to her lower health and accuracy when compared to the other three. My life wizard is just a baby really; she can hold her own solo, but fights seem to take longer.

I did have a storm wizard once upon a time; I played her well into Marleybone before I deleted her. The low health and accuracy bored and frustrated me.

Good luck!

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Feb 14, 2010
thank you for all the answers i made a death his name is cole water stone if you want to find me in the game p.s i have a different wizard butbut my membership exspired and thanks for welcoming me to the message board. thanks

cole waterstone lvl 9 necromancer
cole sun coin lvl 56 pyromancer

Apr 26, 2011
Myth school would be your best bet in my opinion. You will have a variety of minions to summon as you level up, and they will make soloing much easier. By the way, welcome to the message boards!

RachelSpellCaster lvl 48

Oct 27, 2009
People gave a lot of good info on this thread. When I first started, I took the little quiz to see what wizard I was, and went with that. It worked out pretty well for me. I noticed there were a lot of questions which seemed to reveal what school style you might like. Is it about the team win? Like solo sports? Also there were questions more about style. Which kind of weather is most powerful? What animal is the best? I think if you like to solo, but don't like creepy stuff it would steer you away from death to something whose spells would be more appealing to you, as an example. If someone is still undecided about what school to use first, try the quiz.

I do find it funny that ice is now described as one of the solo schools, because it used to be called underpowered. We have a lot of ability to protect others, from early on. We get our blades late. I would call it a patient school. We wait, defend, build up our traps and blades for the power, and finally hit. If you are still running around Wizard City and Krokotopia, you won't have quite the punch of storm or fire. If you have the patience to hang in there, you get the power later on. Like life, it's still a great school for team play, with the ability to save others. It's a good school to learn on, because you use those traps and blades, more than some of the schools with larger hits who rely more on that, early on.