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Heck hound Spell

Jan 17, 2016
So I just got the heck hound and where the number of pips should be it has a "X" instead. Can someone tell me what this means?


Nov 10, 2015
It will do a certain amount of overtime damage due to how many pips you do.
For example if I had 2 pips and it did 100 damage overtime per
pip over three rounds it would do
200 damage over three rounds
Cole IceShard 72

Jan 18, 2010
Congrats on learning your new spell! :D

If you note on the spell card, it says:

"130 per pip over 3 rounds" - This means that for the total of three rounds, the spell will do 130 damage according to the number of pips, you, the caster has.

The 'X' means that the spell utilizes all your current pips, to also add, the spell's damage is based on the current amount of pips you have when the spell was casted.

Other spells like this includes Storm's Tempest, Balance's Judgement and Life's Dryad

Dec 15, 2010
"X" represents any amount of pips. In other words, the way heckhound works is that it casts an overtime on the opponent. The damage you deal is ENTIRELY dependent on how many pips you used when using the spell. When using any spell that has "X" it means it will use all your pips to cast the spell. Not all "X" spells are damage spells, for example, the life spell, Dryad, heals the targeted player based on all the pips he used up for the spell.

Heckhound is not the only spell with "X" - there are definitely more. If you have any more questions, contact me.