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Healing & damage treated vastly different

Nov 22, 2015
dayerider on Aug 22, 2016 wrote:
Let’s examine all the reasons why healing and damage are not treated the same in the game:

1) Not every school gets their own, one step, healing spell. The kind where you cast the spell and it heals you directly; like Pixie or Sprite

2) We get accuracy boosting and damage boosting spells, both starting at L50 in Celestia, yet we don’t see a single heal boosting spell until Azteca; 3 worlds, and 36 levels later. In the Summer 2016 release, we have the second healing buff; 3 worlds and 24 levels after the first healing buff spell. There are only 2 healing boost cards in sun school where accuracy has 5 and damage has 6

3) Sun school has potent trap and sharpened blade, but NOTHING for healing blades

4) There’s traps for damage, shields for damage absorption, a trap for healing debuffing, but no traps for healing boosts

5) There is only ONE jewel for healing blades and it only yields a single healing blade.

6) There’s 20 X-pip or X-Ypip spells, which covers everything but heal boosting:

8 Threat Manipulation (Pacify and Mega Calm/Distract/Pacify/Soothe/Subdue/Taunt/Tranquilize)
4 Attack (Heck Hound, Judgement, Snowball Barrage, Tempest)
3 Minion summoning (Animate, Cyclops, Troll)
2 Damage reducing (Frozen Armor, Ice Armor)
2 Damage enhancing (Backdraft, Supercharge)
1 Healing (Dryad)

7) There are no shadow pip healing only spells


Here’s my proposal to better balance out the quantity of damage enhancing vs heal enhancing spells:

1) Move:
Primordial to Celestia, to be trained at L58 (the same level as Gargantuan)
Radical to Zafaria to be trained at L64 (the same level as Colossal)

This would give us ONE healing spell at the same time both accuracy and damage enhancement get FOUR and TWO spells at the same time damage enhancement gets 5

2) Create the following new spells (1 TP to purchase):

200 Boost to one healing spell (L86 in Azteca; the same time as Primordial is currently)
10% Sharpened healing blade (L86 in Azteca; the same time as Sharpened Blade and Potent Trap)

This would give us half as many healing enhancements as damage and accuracy and one blade enhancement

3) Create the following jewels:

a 1 blade jewel for guiding light
a 2 blade jewel for both brilliant and guiding light

This would grant us single and dual healing item card blades and would put healing item blades equal to damage

4) Create an X-pip healing blade. Storm has a X-pip damage and X-pip damage buffing spell (both its primary purpose), Fire has an X-pip damage and X-pip damage buffing spell (both its primary purpose), Ice has an X-pip damage absorbing and various damage debuffing spells, (both its primary purpose), so why can’t life have a healing and heal buffing spell (both its primary purpose)??

Im not asking for healing and damage to be identical, but closing the gap would be nice
I agree. There is Life Bane, but there are only treasure cards, and the treasure cards aren't being produced.

Sep 17, 2012
dayerider on Aug 27, 2016 wrote:
I'm going to address my thoughts on certain replies here, and then Im done talking about it. I feel the original post itself has reasons why the idea could be implemented, and it was never intended to be a PvP only issue. Remember, the first dissenting reply was solely based off of PvP.

Eric - I never said people dont like PvP, nor did I say to exclude them. I said that the PvP system is broken, and it being broken should never be a reason why an idea shouldnt be implemented. That's just bad logic. Sure, fix PvP, or at least make it more manageable. If you cant do that, then yes, I feel it should be removed; because it's been broken for a LONG time (just read all the posts suggesting how to fix it). I NEVER said PvPers were second class, and I stand by my comments that I feel PvP should be removed from the game if it cant be fixed. Eric, I NEVER said your opinion doesnt matter, I simply gave mine. You, all of you, everybody, has a right to their own opinions, even if it's against mine. *I* was not the one to bring PvP into this topic, it was DevinSkullStone first, then Paige claiming PvP is the "great equalizer", then you chimed in on one of my replies. I dont talk about PvP much at all, because I dont do it, nor see a reason to, but that doesnt mean others arent allowed to see a reason for, and even enjoy it.

Seethe - So, we're not allowed to suggest something if it doesnt belong in the PvP aspect of the game? As I've stated in other posts, just because an idea might not bnefit you (the general playing public), doesnt mean it's a bad idea.

Devinskullstone - what's next? I dont know, Im not an employee of KI, so ask them, not me
I never said anything about PvP being a reason. You are the one that said PvP should be scrapped. This is a bad idea on it's own merit and PvP has nothing to do with it. As I already stated it's not needed in PvE. The only point in this idea is to make it so everyone can easily get Elixir Vitae badge. You have still not given any reason WHY this idea should be implemented or why you think it's a good idea.

Jan 27, 2013
While yes, this is a pretty good idea, and your concepts are well thought out, you're forgetting one thing. At the most, a wizard could probably have around 8 thousand health. With a heal, you don't need to go for some crazy amount like 500,000, unless you're going for elixir vitae. A satyr with good outgoing and incoming, will easily heal a decent amount. These updates aren't required.