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Healers that dont know how to heal

Feb 07, 2011
goldendragon18 wrote:
As I stated before, If you jump into my battle un-invited or without asking, chances are you WILL NOT GET HEALED.

Thank you. This happens to me all the time (usually on my sorcerer, not my theurgist), where people jump into my fight and demand that I heal them. My answer is usually along the lines of, "keep asking, and watch what happens"- in other words, I'll save my pips and let you get defeated.

goldendragon18 wrote:
If you are PULLED in, and let me know you are sorry about that, then I will do my best to not let you die.

Yep, same here. All 3 of my "healers" (life, death, balance) have no problem doing so, as long as you apologize and/or ask politely.

goldendragon18 wrote:
This is not being rude or selfish. It is RUDE to jump into someone else's battle without asking first. For all you know, that person may be just killing the last enemy they need to complete a quest.

Hear, hear! This happened to me once, whilst killing Longdreamer Shamans in Zaf (which is, by the way, a royal pain)- my sorcerer had just gotten her parting shots in when TWO other players joined the fight uninvited and dragged in TWO more monsters.

My poor wizard had only 300 health left and was almost out of cards... But fleeing (at that point) would have cost me credit for the other two kills, so it wasn't an option- needless to say, I shouted a few really-bad words at my computer, but was pleasantly surprised when one of the others healed me; because of that, I didn't mind giving that person my remaining traps and blades to finish those horrid things off, once and for all. A classic case of, "you scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours".

goldendragon18 wrote:
Furthermore, it is extremely Rude to DEMAND that a life wizard heal you.

No one should demand anything (traps/blades/heals)from anyone- my Balance wiz often gets treated like a one-stop utility shop, and it gets annoying quickly.

It is also extremely rude to spam "I need healing", ad nauseum. All it does is irritate me, and I won't help people who do this (and menu-chatters are not alone in this- text/open-chatters do it, too).

goldendragon18 wrote:
ALL wizards regardless of school are given a heal before completing Unicorn Way. It is their responsibility to keep some loaded.

Yep. And here's another option- because the Storm school (for example) is known for its terrible health, I had Sestiva (my magus diviner) train Life as a secondary. In addition to my Pixie, I stacked her deck with Sprite and Spirit Armour- that way, she doesn't need to rely on her Life friends to heal her constantly.

goldendragon18 wrote:
I have and will if I see someone that may need help due to reduced health, AFTER ASKING first, if they would like some help and letting them know I can and will heal them. Asking first is just Common Courtesy.

If someone asks nicely, I tell them that I'll heal when I can (dependent on pips & cards). Again, none of my wizards have a problem helping someone who needs it, if they are polite- I also watch people's hit points, so I usually end up healing them before they even ask for it.


As I mentioned earlier, it is not my responsibility to heal you. The exception to this would be if we're in a dungeon (say, Waterworks or Briskbreeze) and we've agreed beforehand that this is how things are going to be.

An example: my sorcerer went into Waterworks with 2 Life wizards and a necro. The Life wizards wanted to attack the bosses, so I took the 4th spot and bladed/healed/donated pips to my teammates; since we had collectively decided that I would be the "healer" of the group, I had no problem doing so.

We were respectful of each other, and each member of the team was better able to do his or her job because of it. The best part? We made it out of there in record time, and nobody died. :D