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HeadMaster's Announcements....

Feb 18, 2009
Professor GreyRose,
Good afternoon, excuse my ignorance but I read all the Announcements you posted regarding Open Chat, Crafting, and more and I'm curious. Is all of this in the LIVE Realm now? or is this just to introduce what we've already been testing in the TEST Realm?

Can you please clarify?

Hunter SilverHeart
Level 49 Pyromancer/Diviner

Yes, these features were released this morning to the Live Wizard101 Realms. We are experiencing a large influx of players and the initial update may take longer than you're used to, so please be patient as the updates are downloaded.

Feb 18, 2009
I bet you are receiving a HUGE Influx with this announcement. You can expect me to be one of them this evening when I get home...lol. Thanks for these great new additions Professors. Great Job to all of you for doing once again what your Students (players) requested. I love that KI takes our opinions and concerns into consideration when it comes to making changes to this fantastic game.

Just out of curiousity, I noticed the Grizzleheim Book in the Forum, does this mean Grizzleheim will be going to the Live Realm soon to then? I for one hope so, it's a great addition and worked into the storyline quite well

See ya in the Spiral,
Hunter SilverHeart
Level 49 Pyromancer/Diviner

May 23, 2009
I am an adult with a credit card on file. Yet I can not find the chat settings anywhere.

If I go to my account all it asks is filter on or off and last time I said off it wouldn't let me chat at all with anybody.

Aug 03, 2008
I've got a crafting slot and everything needed to make the dagger of absolution, but when i click create at my table, it comes up all crafting slots are full. What's the deal? I know at least one other person having the same problem. Is there a bug?