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Have you seen this person?

Feb 26, 2009
Ok, this is what happend. My dad and I were in a Practice match in the arena (note) (My dad has text chat, I don't) 2v2. Well, out of the two people on the oposite team, only one of them was important. That kid's name was Alex stormrider. Well, throughout the whole battle Alex's team was winning. (Alex was about my level, the other guy was probably about level 10, and my dad was level 7.) At one point, I was pretty low on health and so my dad healed me, And so, Alex chose to respond to that situation by swearing. He called us a word that, in my opinion is one of worst swear words in the book. My Dad said, That's my Daughter that you just swore in front of. Then Alex Said, So what? Then he swore again. So my Dad told him that he would have to report him. Then Alex threatend to report US. At that point we both fled the battle so we could try and get ahead of Alex so we could report him. But at that point I remembered that I was curently in Dragonsyre when the battle started, and my dad was in the shoping district. My Dad imidently ran over to the arena to see if Alex was still there, but he wasn't. My Dad started asking people if he had seen Alex Stormrider and telling them what he did, But everyone ignored him.

If any of the chat moniters are willing to, please check the chat records, or if you would prefer, I can send you some evedince. (My dad took some screen shots of the battle.) And for the non chat moniters, if you have a friend named Alex stormrider (who, last time I saw him, was holding a life staff.) ask him if he was swearing in the arena, if he say's yes, report him, (Note) (If you find ANYONE swearing ANYWERE report them to.

I'm sorry you encountered someone like this who was using inappropriate language in the game.

You were correct to attempt to report them, and if you would like to follow up, please always feel free to send screenshots to community@wizard101.com.

We look into these matters very seriously, and thank you.