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Hardest School to Master?

Jan 27, 2012
Hey everyone, what do you think is the hardest school to master?
Im gonna go with balance or myth. Balance of course has no convert, cant wand off shields, and doesnt have too strong of attacks below 8 pips.

Myth on the other hand, gets two all enemy attacks to deal with the whole round, and its strongest spot in minions.
Seriously... minions are good for PvP, and low level PvE. With that said though, once myth gets waterworks gear and medusa, it can probably solo any boss in its level range. My myth is level 95, and did all of khrysalis (with a few exceptions) so far solo. Everyone back when celestia came out was posting about how myth is a worthless school and is just a waste of time, and I agreed when I was that level. Medusa took me ages to get, and I actually had to have high level myth friend tell me the strategy he used, as he had the same problem.... I didnt get it until 64 :|.

Anyways... what do you guys think is the hardest school to master? Let me know down below

Nicholas RavenBlood 95....and others

Sep 17, 2012
Balance is harder to master in my opinion. There is however no need for a balance prism since there is no shield. That's a frame of mind that people seem to have trouble with mastering. Balance has to use different strategy than other schools.

Myth I found to be the easiest for soloing. I soloed through everything including Tartarus, Xibalba and all of Khrysalis on Myth without henchmen. Pretty much every battle can be won with a few blades, feints and a frog.

Aug 06, 2013