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Grub Guardian Changes

Mar 06, 2010
Okay, all of a sudden, the Mini game, Grub Guardian has changed.

Back then Wysteria Tanglewood Way map would drop TONS of Vengeful Elixirs and Fortification Elixirs. Like tons, Fortification Elixir was wayyy more common then Vengeful Elixirs but, still now 75 Games drop 4 Fortification Elixirs and NO Vengeful Elixirs, and the Moolina's/Eye of Bartley/Hand Of Dooms packs obviously changed too.

Change it back! Nearly impossible to get them now. In 75Games Moodlina only 2, I used to get like tons of them, Eye of bartley I used to get about 2-4 per day now NONE, Hand of dooms only got 2 in 75 Games, come on! Change it. Not worth playing it now