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Gratitude - I want to say Thank You!

Jul 19, 2009
Dear Professor Greyrose,

I would like to start a thread that will give me and others the opportunity to thank you and the other professors for all that you do. You have created beautiful worlds with the help of Bartleby, you help us daily with a myriad of problems. I'm sure there are lots of people just wanting to tell you this who can't figure out the right spot to do so. I leave it to you to position this thread. I am merely the messenger. I'm here to say:

Thank you!
Morgan Moonstone
lvl100 Balance Samurai

Dec 22, 2008
yes yes indeed thank you falmea lol

Mar 22, 2013
I'll second that! Thank you, Prof. Greyrose and all of you, for entertaining me for more hours of fun than I want to admit.

Jul 19, 2009
Thanks Everyone at Kingsisle for bringing fishing to the spiral. After finishing Khrysalis, my wizard wanted a new project and now there's more than enough to do. (understatement!!!) It was very cool to learn that this was a long standing project and dream of yours. I'm so happy with my Dragon Eel, and now my wizards are passing fish and tanks back and forth, I think a full blown aquarium building is in the works. Thank you!!

Morgan Moonstone (again)

Jul 10, 2009
Thanks for letting us have floating rugs!

Thanks for letting us build our own houses!

Thanks for housing tours!

And everything else you do!

Haley MoonHeart, Promethan Thaumagture

Jul 19, 2009
Hello again,

Thank you for the new housing gift! I got the crab claw statue which my life wizard put in her statue garden. It is generous of you to hand out freebies so often. I never thanked you for the most generous gift of all. The Five Years of Wiz101 Gift: My Frontier Dragon. That was amazing and I gave him to my fire wizard who is a dragon rider. I thank you often for that one.

You guys are so good to us. : )

Morgon Moonstone

Jan 13, 2010
Thank you all for the majesticness of Stella, my night hawk. She came with the retired Hawk Rider Bundle. She has a healing talent that she'd spam, and it would annoy the others during PvP, just as I like.

Kidding, kidding. I don't do PvP.

But thanks for pretty much every single amazing update they've added since I joined (which, I believe, is right after Grizzleheim came out. Time flies!) Every update added even more depth to the game, causing it to become even better.

May 09, 2010
I'm thankful for everything except the drop rates...

Dec 05, 2012
i thank you for helping us all and doing what was always best for us. thank you greyrose, falmea, ambrose, harold argolstone, king artorius, cyrus drake, dworgian, molinda wu, halstone balestorm, arthour weathersfield, and i cannot believe i am saying this, but meowiarity too.

This is such a nice and thoughtful thread. Thank you all.

Dec 12, 2012
I'm thankful for:

All the professors (favorite professor is Cyrus)

My free housing item from the house sale (looks freaking awesome!)

Xmas in July (poured all the crowns I had on the Xmas packs lol)

All the crowns I have bought in my whole life of playing Wizard101

The 13th Day of Xmas in 2013 (I mean free crowns? That is awesome!)

That time where you gave everyone a free in-game pack (don't remember what time it happened)

Solving a million problems a day (OK maybe not a million, but you get it)

Making the message boards

Floating rugs and plots of soil




Dragon mounts

Mounts in general

Letting us have more than one wizard per account

Creating Wizard101

You guys existing

Giving me limited charecters to tpype with so I don't make this list as long as the codes of Minecraft XD

And everything else!!!!

Jul 19, 2009
I knew this place was run by hobbits!!! My proof:

1. Hobbits GIVE gifts on their birthday, instead of receiving them.
2. Dragon fireworks over the lake at all the best parties.
3. Furry feet. Okay, I can't prove that one.

So. Thank you , Hobbits, for the lovely birthday presents. You've really outdone yourselves this year.

Now, if I can just find the Party Tree...

Morgan Moonstone