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Graphic Client Problems?

Sep 06, 2008
I'm not sure where i was supposed to post this at. Sorry if it is in the wrong place. I just installed Wizard101, And when you get to the part after you finish the tutorial[when you are ported to The Headmaster]. Well when i got ported the background was all black. I could see; Mana; Health; Chat button; Friends list; Book; And cursor. But i couldnt see anything else. So i couldnt really see where i was going. So i went to my dorm, and i could see everything just fine. I went out the doors to see if the problem was fixed, but it was still black in the background. I dont know if this is happening to people who are installing Wizard101, or if its just happenening to me. I would of put a picture up, but i dont know what to do after you press; Alt/Prnt Scrn. I'm actually in the middle of reinstalling the game. If it doesnt work, is there a way to fix this?