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Grandmasters, I have a question for you

Apr 06, 2011
Yes um, how long did it take you to become a Grandmaster??

May 01, 2010
YoshiSonicLily wrote:
Yes um, how long did it take you to become a Grandmaster??

if you look at my sarting date (right under my username if you didnt know) you can see that, and i got to GM right after cl came out, then i got to legend a couple months ago

Apr 30, 2010
I'll be on the game for a year at the end of the month and my highest wizard is a level 59.

Aug 23, 2009
It took me about 2 months to get GM, once CL came out about a week to go from GM to Legendary. Keep in mind that at the time I had loads of free time to play, quest grind, and level. I know some people who start a new wizard and max level quicker, and some who have been level 30 for 6 months. It is purely up to time spent and questing completed.

Sep 01, 2009
YoshiSonicLily wrote:
Yes um, how long did it take you to become a Grandmaster??

Life wizard-8 months to legendary

Ice wizard-about the same to legendary

I only play part time, since I am a wife and mom. I also solo a lot, which takes longer. I have a few more wizards, but none are grand or legendary yet.

Erin Ice Weaver :)

Jan 05, 2011
YoshiSonicLily wrote:
Yes um, how long did it take you to become a Grandmaster??
between work and sleep, i play usually every day and got to grandmaster in about 2 1/2 months and am level 58 now. i also got 4 other wizards to levels in their thirties or high twenties in this time span. started mid january of this year. -elijah darkthorn (and crew) going to get my level 58 spell after work tonight!

Nov 20, 2010
5 months from Novice to Legendary.
Rachel RavenTalon
Legendary Conjurer (aka Level 60 Myth)
See ya round the spiral!!!

Jun 10, 2009
It oringinally took a couple of months, but i deleted that character and and started over doing it in only about 2 months or something like that

William Crowthistle Legendary Pyromancer

Mar 07, 2009
i have been playing for two years and i'm only a master on my person because i have gotten in trouble and toke breaks and i worked on a other person

Blaze Gem level 43 Master Pryomancer

Feb 09, 2009
I didn't play very consistently, so I'd say less than a year from the time I started playing. I still don't have another Grandmaster though.

Dec 21, 2009
I started a few days before Christmas 2009 and didn't get a subscription till sometime in October 2010. I think I got to legendary sometime in January.

Jul 09, 2009
Me well lets see hmm. I remember now thirty-one days. Dont say its immposible its possible because me and my friends had a race to see who would become grandmaster first and the prize was $40! Lucky me i won too yep there ya go.

Aaron Drakewalker Level 53
Fire wizard Secondary class: Balance
Astral schools: Star and Moon

Strongest pyromancer in my middle school!

Dec 08, 2010
it took me a few months but i kinda put of my quests and ran around farming for a while so my guess is not so accurate

Nov 14, 2009
Well, I started Christmas of '09, so about 7 months, so, in July I was officially deemed GrandMaster Diviner.

Feb 02, 2009
It took me a while to get to grandmaster. i did some spiral dungeons and quests so, yeah... I'm still in mooshu at lvl 53. can somebody help me with mooshu please? lol sorry... i'm a little behind on worlds. if you can help, please reply. i dont know where to go in mooshu, and i'm supposed to be in dragonspyre or celestia. please help.