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"Goodbye... And Thank You..."

Mar 31, 2010

This Game started off great, and its just can't get any better. A new world is coming, new monsters, and even more people.

But I was here since the beginning, and what a great ride it has been, but now its time for me to move on, a new game is about to start its beta soon and I won't have time for wizards anymore.
I want thank all my friends, without you I dont think I would have stayed as long as I did. Its what make this game great the People/Players that help out everyone.
Also to KI your Pet Update was the best I have seen in along time from any MMO out there. It was a bit rocky at the start, but you seem to have it under control. (I would look into the level 48- hybrid a bit more, maybe give them there own cards or something to make them stand out a little more, to make people want get them.)

Now I have bought all the Worlds (not including Celestia) so maybe one day I will return. But Something very Big has got to happen for that! I love this game and I am very sad that I'm going, but the times have changed and I need a little more Action hehe (so to speak).

***Now this is my bit of info to all of you.

*Buy the Crowns Gear. It makes the game much more fun, having a step up on on other player and even the monsters/bosses.
*Buy/Sub. This game is fun, dont stop because of stuff that happen, ask for help, most people are willing to help.
*Collect Pets. Doing this is one of the most fun things to do. I have mostly all of them.
(But the Sheep, and Storm Beetle) the 2 that always got away :)
*Dont scam people. That make your game not fun, what happens when you get every thing? You will stop playing, then what?
*Don't be rude. You never know, one day you might need someones help, and they will all tell you NO!
*and lastly join groups and other website. Wizard101central.com is one of the best out there, with guide on just about everything. lets not forget there are contests there all the time for Free stuff.

Well thats about all I have for you guys, remember to work together, and never cheat!

~The Pet Master