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Gold Rush

Jun 28, 2009
Ok so i am a level 10 necromancer ( death wizard) . And i was wondering what are some ways to some quick gold like if you have spare time? I tried to play minigames over and over that worked relly well until they didnt give me money anymore ( dont know why) But if you could answer that be great !!!!!!!

Nov 27, 2009
Well, I go to the Bazaar. It is in Olde Town. Inside, you can sell your items that you dont need ( like treasure cards, furniture, crafting items, and clothes).

Nicole FireCaster level 31 pyromancer

May 18, 2009
Well, first I would go fight some bosses to get some equipment. Then, I would go to the Bazaar and sell the equipment I just earned. :D

Nov 27, 2009
Dec 17, 2008
Best place to farm is the Raven Coven in Ravenscar. They are 4 bosses that you have to fight at the same time, so I'd recommend some friends. Balance and 2 storm wizards work well here. Have balance buff up 1 diviner. Have the other diviner also casts buffs on the first diviner. Make sure you put up a prism on the Storm one ASAP before he puts up a myth shield. Then, unleash a powerful tempest or Stormlord. You could kill them all in 3 rounds if you're lucky. The Diviner who is attacking should go last, and the Balance guy should go first with full crowns gear for a good defense. Also, you're going to need someone who can actually get in there. They need to have gotten to that point in Ravenscar, and not many people have.

All you need is Storm blade, Elemental blades, Balance blade, Blade Storm, Dark Wind, Windstorm, and 1 storm prism.

Round 1:
Sorcerer casts Balance blade/Blade Storm
Diviner 1 Casts Elemental Blade on Diviner 2
Diviner 2 casts Storm Prism on Storm boss

Round 2:
Sorcerer Casts the other of the 2
Diviner 1 casts Dark Wind
Diviner 2 casts Storm blade on self

Round 3:
Sorcerer Casts a Pixie on self
Diviner 1 casts Wind storm on enemies
Diviner 2 casts Storm Lord
Sorcerer Casts Donate Pips on Diviner 2
Diviner 1 casts Wind Storm on enemies
Diviner 2 casts Tempest

Oct 04, 2008
munkeyboy54 wrote:
I tried to play minigames over and over that worked relly well until they didnt give me money anymore ( dont know why)

Sorry I don't really know how to get gold, but as for the mini games, if you play more than 10 mini games in 24 hours, you stop earning gold, but continue to earn other things.