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Jul 18, 2010
Dec 13, 2008
Aug 11, 2009
Farm a boss and collect the items he drops and sell those items either in the bazaar and/or to the merchants.

Use your highest level or best wizard and farm the bosses that you can beat. If that wizard does not need the gold, give the dropped items to one of your other wizards by way of the shared bank. :)

I found that Munin Mistweaver in Mirkholm Keep (Grizzleheim) dropped good items on a consistent level, with some of the items (Coat of Stormy Seas, Terminal Robe, and others) bringing a price of over 1000 gold each at the Bazaar.

You can make more than 20k in about an hour by farming. :D

There are many other bosses that will provide you with a lot of gold (as a result of selling dropped items). :)

Also you could sell the rare items (furniture, clothing, weapons) that you have collected.

You could craft a number of items, for they will reap a lot of gold when you sell them.

I have many wizards that are nearing the limit for gold (150,000) again, merely as a result of farming bosses.

Have fun!!! :) :) :)

Jun 07, 2010
legofan27 wrote:
i need gold what is a good way to gain more gold easly?

No disrespect, but there are other post about this. As of now, there is a post 7 threads down from this one on the same page about the same topic. Why do people insist they have to make same exact topic's of what someone else post is discussing about?

As far as gold goes, Just farm bosses for drops and sell at Bazaar. There really is no other way to get gold fast at a descent pase. Unless you are rich and can buy like 1 million crowns, to blow on gold packs in the Crown shop.

Aug 15, 2009
I am not giving any hints or sharing private information when i inform you that the fastest way to get gold is to buy crowns and in turn buy gold.

Aug 12, 2009