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Going Solo

Nov 09, 2011
I was playing, rearranging my deck and such as I was thinking about other types of schools and their spells and was wondering about the best solo school, what do you guys think is the best to solo?

Valkoor lvl 44

Sep 17, 2012
It all depends on your play style and skill level. Any school can be soloed, I personally think Myth is the easiest and can solo everything with relative ease. Storm and Death would be my next choices for different reasons, but both require help on certain dungeons. Ice, Balance and Life are all good solo because they can survive alot of damage but take longer and require help with a lot of major dungeons/bosses. Fire I don't play because DoT just drives me crazy.

Oct 24, 2010
Beginners Luck on Aug 2, 2014 wrote:
I was playing, rearranging my deck and such as I was thinking about other types of schools and their spells and was wondering about the best solo school, what do you guys think is the best to solo?

Valkoor lvl 44
Most people will say Life, Death or Storm.
Life because you can heal yourself.
Death due to the drains and blades/traps
Storm.. obviously the most powerful base spells.

I've soloed with all schools. Some wizards made it to high levels, some got the boot. With Death I soloed Malestaire.

May 08, 2014
I'm in between myth and life cause life can pack a punch and heal a ton while myth has minions to help them out and they have a lot of anti shield spells.

Jul 13, 2013
Beginners Luck on Aug 2, 2014 wrote:
I was playing, rearranging my deck and such as I was thinking about other types of schools and their spells and was wondering about the best solo school, what do you guys think is the best to solo?

Valkoor lvl 44
There is no best school to solo, it really just depends.
But some will do better than others.

Death because it gives you health back while you are attacking so you don't need another person to heal you.

Balance because, although most people think we are a supporting school, we do fine solo, and we can be offensive as well as defensive. My main balance wizard went solo the whole time up until Dragonspyre, even on the hard dungeons like Big Ben. And in Dragonspyre, I only need help on the harder and longer dungeons. Dragonspyre is easy so far though, because of my large inventory of blades and traps and the judgement spell.

Myth is a good school to solo also because Myth wizards can cast a minion and have that minion help them out.

Life is debatable, as you have a lot of healing spells. The attacks are kind of weak, though. I can't imagine going into a hard dungeon alone at level 52 with the highest damage I can do is Centaur(no offense, guys.)

Ice has the most health but I still see them struggling because of their weaker spells. But good defense is important, too. The thing is, ice depends on blades to make their spells stronger, and the creatures in Dragonspyre spam weakness. I could kind of see an ice wizard soloing the game, but it would be a challenge, trust me.

Storm is a no. Sure they have the biggest attack but most of them are offensive only and they have low health and their spells fizzle a lot. I would rather cast a life spell and know it was probably going to work than cast a stronger storm storm spell and have it likely to fizzle.

I could see fire soloing the game, although they don't have a lot of health and are offensive and fizzle like storm. The thing is, with damage over time, the enemy can be getting damage from heckhound while you take those few rounds to heal yourself or something. I think soloing with fire would be hard, though.

So, pretty much the spirit schools and balance are the easiest to solo with, in my opinion. But I can not tell you the best school for that.

Apr 18, 2014
With my guardians being strict about who I talk to online, I'm forced to solo the game 99.9% of the time. Sometimes a friend or two from school eventually tries the game and they help. Since I'm quite used to having Thaumaturges filled in my character slots, I'd say Ice is quite good for defense and damage taking when soloing. Having an Ice Minion is handy, though. Storm doesn't have many defenses. It just depends on how you plan spells and battles. Every school has advantages and disadvantages.

Dakota Sky, Lvl 62

Aug 17, 2013
Life! You may have a little weaker damage spells, but you can heal and fight. Also you may want to keep in mind that the secondary school should be death or storm, for more damage and attacking and healing at the same time
Courtney lvl 73

Feb 26, 2012
I play mostly solo, except when my daughter wants to join me (much less often than it used to be), or when I find an old friend online (very rare now, not like in the "good old days").

I have soloed most of the game with my fire wizard -- though I have difficulty in some of the long, harder dungeons. For the most part though, this works well. Efreet weakens the bosses so I don't have to take too much damage, and DOT and group spells allow me to cast spells on multiple players and then have time to heal before I move on. (I use life for my secondary school)

I am also soloing the game with my storm, myth, ice and death wizards.

I find storm with a small deck loaded with colossal, a few blades, and hard hitting group spells, is the easiest to play so far -- I move quickly through most battles. The downside is, storm has low health and high fizz rate. Boosted accuracy is a must. If a spell fizzes, or if the enemy gets just a few hard hits off, then health is not enough to stay alive. So with storm, fast hard hitting is required. I supplement my small deck with a good healing and critical boosting frankenbunny which gives healing current may cast and cards, and my side deck loaded with healing spells if I get in trouble. With rare exception, this is my most powerful and fastest solo wizard, and has been fairly easy to play.

Myth is also fun, but my myth is the one I use to quest with my daughter. When I do solo with him, I find it is slower going. He is good for breaking shields and stunning, but is weaker on attack generally. his strong attacks are for single enemies, so groups become more challenging. Some people like the minions, but I find after the lower levels the minions are a liability, not a help -- they steal your traps and make battles go on forever!

My death wizard is low level, but very strong. The vampire-style attacks that also heal mean I almost always leave battles with full health. I think he will be my best solo wizard yet, but I am only in Krok.

Mar 13, 2014
I would say life is probably easiest to solo. Life attacks seem weak on a per pip basis, but the strong 40% lifeblade makes up for a lot of that. If you get in trouble you have a vast array of healing spells to keep you going. Life does have the problem of taking longer to get an attack all spell than any other school, when Forest Lord (AKA fluffy) finally becomes available at level 58. Once you learn fluffy, though, you're golden.

Jul 20, 2014
This is my first post.

I have a life character, because I like the idea of life, got him to lvl 22ish in Kroc.

The battles are starting to get unenduringly long, even though he almost never loses (I think I have 3 deaths so far). I started thinking that another class could get shorter battles.

So I started some other characters, I was thinking balance because they get their AOE (do you guys use that term here?) the earliest of any class. Then I tried storm, and got sick of the fizzling real fast. If anti-fizzle gear is available at level 50 I know I won't make it that far.

Then I read about the forest lord, so life does get an AOE, but so late that you miss having any fun with it during the part of the game where soloing is possible, then I read about lifeblade which it seems I should be able to get soon, which seems like it could help enough to keep going with this character.

Training up some traps from an alternate class also seems possible, I was making this a pure life/death character, and didn't realize that training in multiple different schools for traps and defenses was a better strategy.

Paying money for crowns to reset my character seems like more than I want to do though, I haven't got to feint anyway so I could go further in death without losing anything useful.

So what is a good solo character for the first 50 levels (I mean to beat Malistaire), that levels rapidly, and is ok for the next 50 levels too?

One guy in this thread said Myth was the best of all, but gave no reasons whatsoever as to why or what strategy he used to make that work. Everyone else is pretty much agreed on classes.

My thrust is who levels fastest, I want to kill Malistaire before I burn out on this game entirely, and starting multiple different classes isn't helping that cause. And I want to have fun getting there.

If life really isn't that much slower and can kill malistaire then I can continue on as is.

Apr 05, 2014
Beginners Luck on Aug 2, 2014 wrote:
I was playing, rearranging my deck and such as I was thinking about other types of schools and their spells and was wondering about the best solo school, what do you guys think is the best to solo?

Valkoor lvl 44
Death is best! you can drain and have lots of blades. I've experienced it and i know its the best.
soloed malistre and tough bosses and its not hard!
lvl 86