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Gift Cards on Amazon or Ebay....

Feb 18, 2009
Would there be a problem with anyone buying the gift cards and then selling them on Amazon or Ebay? I ask this because I do not have a 7-11 or Rite Aid anywhere near me. I live in a populated area but not in one that has either of those stores. Does KI have restrictions to players possibly buying these said cards and then putting them up to sell on websites such as Amazon or Ebay?

Just wondering KI's perspective on this?

Hunter SilverHeart
Level 46 Pyromancer

From our perspective, we have no objection to people selling the Wizard101 cards on ebay.

It's a little out of our jurisdiction in that we have no control over what players buy and sell on ebay, however I will emphasize: caveat emptor = buyer beware.

Apr 02, 2009
Hello i also have a question. Since i live in Sweden i wont have the possibility of getting a gift card in a store, is ebay my only chance then? Or can we buy them through some other offical channel?


Jul 05, 2008
yes you really need to look at your non US residents. I live in Canada. I am sure you have many people from all over the world. I know US is your biggest demographic but you are alienating many many players.

At least stop being silent and give us the 411 on what you are hoping to do?

Mar 11, 2009
I agree, being in Canada means I would have to get American friends to send them to me here. :(

Apr 22, 2009
If I had to guess, I would say they signed contracts giving each store an exclusive pet, as an incentive to carrying it in their store. So they may not be able to carry them online. Though they haven't addressed it directly that I have seen.

You may be able to contact that store directly and see if there is a way to purchase them online though.