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Furniture drops

Community Leader
First off:
I love the furniture drops being found- I really do. What happen to real house furniture venders? I really miss them and all the window shopping. Do not get me wrong I love all the Avalon furniture that is being dropped in Avalon. I would still love to see Wysteria and Zafaria furniture. Wysteria more than Zafaria first.

Question is: I know this is kind of asking a bit but Do you plan on selling Whysteria furniture I know many many of us want it so badly!.

Thank you for reading.
Paige MoonShade

Jun 09, 2010
I agree! I've been watching for Wysteria furniture since the world came out. I love to decorate my houses like real homes and the Wysteria furniture and paintings are just so beautiful. I really hope this is something we will see sometime in the near future.

Aug 15, 2010
I Agree i like decorating my castles and dorms like real homes to. I to want th wysteria furniture! :)

Jul 09, 2010
I didn't get any drops of furniture - but I hope that's going to be an addition to the game that lasts.

I also, love the Wysteria style furniture and rugs also the rugs from Zafaria. I hope they become available for houses.

And in third agreement - I too, miss the furniture store. I wish the clothier carried Wystiera styles, too.

Jun 16, 2012
Jan 23, 2009
agreed the same can be said for crafting as well.

And most of the stuff being sold are novelty as well you guys know we want most choice. We like going to others houses and seeing how THEY decorate and their style as well as sharing own. I am amazed and the diversity and inventiveness (is that a word or is spelled right honestly I am not sure but it looks good so we'll go with it) of people homes are, why not encourage it it could only mean a new avenue to explore way to take our money lol. Oh and quit with the packs already i want to buy something WITHOUT it turning into a one armed bandit result of buying seeds gear pets and housing items dropped randomly from a pack.

Is it really necessary to drop pets? Just sell the stuff and let people buy what they want. Its not fun its frustrating to pay twice and first time get loads of things you dont want and then get one that you do in the next.

I know KI likes this and they bait us all with new stuff but if all i want is a pet i am willing to bet i would rather just buy the pet for more than to gamble at a lessor price which could end up more than i would ever pay for one pet. You can argue that I always get something but the truth is it not always some I would want or would buy had i had the chance to do so alone.

And can we all stop arguing it IS gambling if you describe it function and replace "drop" with money you will be talking about a slot machine.