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For those of you following us on Twitter

Thanks for joining us on Pixie Realm earlier today, and our apologies to those who could not get into the Realm as it filled it up pretty quickly.

Seems we had so many trade and friend requests, that we stressed the system quite a bit!

Enjoy your rare treasure cards and look for more announcements (and hopefully more controlled gatherings) on Twitter. Our username is "Wizard101"

Oct 19, 2008
I can't get on the twitter thing without a password, what is the password?

Dec 09, 2008
I read the post on Wizard101 central at 4:07 so I missed it.

Feb 27, 2009
A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
Gamma wrote:
Our username is "Wizard101"

Not to sound like someone out of my teens (though I am), could you educate us how to do this? I know it has been on all the news recently but....

Sorry about that folks! Here's a quick bit of information:

Go to Twitter.com and create an account for yourself. Then simply search for us under our Wizard101 username. Once you've found us, click 'Follow'. Every time we post something, you will receive a message.

Alternately you can follow us on our Wizard101Central.com website that has a direct feed: Wizard101Central Twitter page

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browneyes1498 wrote:
Gamma, i just wanted to know what a realm is

The answer to this and many questions can be found on our Help & Support Page under the FAQ or the Player's Guide.

What are Realms?

Wizard101 has several Realms for our players to enjoy. All the Realms are identical and you can switch between Realms easily when you're not in a duel. Simply click on the two world globes in your spellbook and you will see a list of Realms to choose from.

Why switch Realms?

If you are meeting a friend in game you want to make sure you meet on the same realm so you can find each other!

Players may choose to switch between Realms that are more or less populated based on their play style. If you are looking for players to adventure with, you may wish to switch to a Realm with a higher population.