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Aug 06, 2010
If the fizzle rate has increased greatly (I have lost a few fights do to 3 in a row fizzles), then it could be a programming bug - and maybe not in the fizzle rate. I saw this once before - I worked in the South Carolina Dept of Corrections. They implemented drug screening based on a random selection. My boss was selected. She passed. Round 2, she passed. Round 4 she passed. Round 6 she called a lawyer because she had been randomly selected 4 out of 6 times, and others hadn't been selected once. It turned out that it was randomly selecting from everyone, then also randomly selecting from all that had already taken one - and trying to get the same number of samples from each group. It may be that there is a piece of code somewhere else that is massively affecting it in a way that could not be predicted.

How to verify:

A staff member needs to make a target with 100,000,000 hit points and only shield cards, then cast away with a deck of a single card. After 10,000 spells, you can look at the accuracy. Then you run the test on another spell, and another. If they are all within 3% of what they should be, then it is simply players who are having bad rolls at bad times. If however it is determined that 90% spells are working 76% of the time...then there is a code error for sure. I have played other games where staff members were frequently testing the Random Number Generator just to make sure. They even had scripts to run a fight all night long while another kept score.

Now, if the staff comes back and says, that they do something similar, with actual combat, 1-4 players vs 1-4 opponents, then well, they have the answers and can say, "we are working on this issue" or "It is simply bad rolls on your part". I hope it's the former - it's rather embarrassing when on my way to a boss fight I am defeated by low level minions in the hall.

Jun 10, 2010
Sparktotium wrote:

Wizards has gone from being fun and relaxing to NOT FUN and FRUSTRATING!!!!!


i expect the wild bolt to fizzle, that is just the way you choose to do it. FINE i get it. but over the last few months, the fizzle rate has gone through the roof. if this is part of your plan, i will not renew at the end of my subscription.
it has taken the fun right out of the game and i know i am not the only one who is disgusted with it. my grand master life never use to fizzle now it does on a regular basis. and as to my other wizards some grand others almost there, they fizzle so much that i am leaving wizards to play other online games.
if you are interested in feed back, then take a second look at your game and put the fun back in it.

from a very frustrated fizzling wizard

Definitely noticed a significant increase in the rate of fizzles.

I've played this game the last few months and early on fizzle rates seemed to be pretty close to what was represented on the cards.

However lately, I've noticed that the "non-trivial enforcement" has been added. It's that lazy trick game developers some times use to make the game more difficult without actually having to do anything creative like add new creatures or spells... Y'know, where if the battle you're having is going to well for you, the game tosses in a big "random" fizzle. My fizzle rate goes up to 75% regardless of what the spell says if the next cast will finish the battle, and I've taken less than 10% of my HP damage, and the same thing occurs if I've only got 20% of my health left, and the next cast will end the battle.

Lastly, overall, regardless of what the cards say, the fizzle rate seems to be about half again what it was just a few weeks ago. Just within the last week or so, the fizzle rate is HUGE, and not just for players. I've had 3 battles in the last week where I've summoned my minion and he has fizzled EVERY round for the WHOLE battle, this is NOT an exageration!

Also I'm pretty sure there's anecdotal evidence of active manipulation taking place given the connectivity and zone stability issues that occurred over this week end. So I don't think it should be denied that it's happening any more.

As I've read there are elitists out there who say "suck it up, blah, blah, fricking blah", but if they prefer to play in such a nerfed manner, fine let them go to their own server, I prefer to play in an environment where game play is consistant, and stealth nerfs aren't taking place.

It's frustrating and it's not neccessary.

Just get us back to the way things were.

Jul 12, 2009
they actualy fizzle way too much and if you do the math, which isn't hard (just keep track of how many times it fizzles in a row), You'll see. Its wrong. :|

Jul 08, 2010
The time where I notice a significant rise in fizzle is when a spell will kill an enemy with a few pips, allowing that enemy to use that 3 pip spell one last time for that damage that likely should be. This is using a life spell as well.

Aug 01, 2010
i hate it when you need a little bit to defeat a boss and you have really low health and you want to cast a strong spell and it fizzles especially when your in a dungeon

Jun 05, 2009
catboy2197 wrote:
Preacher7719 wrote:
pokadot579 wrote:
catboy2197 wrote:
jjkl wrote:
Come on guys. without fizzle the game would be boring. To see that every time you use some thing it works. We have to have fizzle or it would just be so predciable ( sry spelling ) and fizzles can sometimes make you win are add a loss. Wasnt there at least one time when you wish you opponent would fizzle.

I agree completely.

Same here. Yeah fizzles can be annoying sometimes, but as jjkl put it, "We have to have fizzle or it would just be so predictable."

Catherine Windrider Lvl 49 Balance

You guys aren't reading these posts. We're not complaining about fizzling -- we all know it's part of the game. Yet, since the latest update and patches have come out, the fizzling rate has increased to the point that Life, Death and Balance are fizzling more often than Storm or Fire. It's almost as if, while the card's accuracy says one thing, the actual accuracy being applied is something else entirely. And, since these schools have little to no accuracy boosts in their equipment (already having the highest accuracy of all the rest of the schools), there seems to be no way for us to counter this offset.

I'm sure it hasn't increased, I think you guys just think it has. There's no way they fizzle more than storm or fire. It won't hurt you to fizzle every once in a while.
You are sadly wrong about this I have grandmasters in all schools and the fizz rate is very noticible on my life and balance grands.

Jun 07, 2009
I fizzle too much i have high percentage but these days i fizzle too much, from attacking spells to healing spells i still fizzle, whats going on with fizzles these days Sincerly, Destiny Lifeblossom master of nature

Jun 02, 2009
The fizzle rate is rediculous. I recently started a storm wizard and was expecting some fizzles but have found him to be almost unplayable. Most fights i will fizzle at least 3-4 times and i have even fizzled my entire deck. The cards say 70% that means that 7 out of 10 casts should be successful, not 3 out of 10. Now I understand that the 70% is only for that specific cast, not cumulative with other casts, however the rate is much lower, less then 50% for sure. This game is supposed to be fun and relatively easier, not wowish, and it is not fitting that role. Come on KI you have over 5 million subscribers fix the problem!

Feb 01, 2010
everyone stop complaining if your spells are fizzling alot just either buy lots of clothes that give you accuracy or get lots of keen eye or any other of the ones that boost a cards accuracy i'm storm so that is what i do try a storm spell with 92 accuracy wow it's like it never fizzles

Jan 17, 2010
People are not crying about it, it's a valid gripe. Fizzle does seem to have gotten worse to the point of beyond annoying. I expect to fiz on the first attack spell most of the time now. On all 5 of my grands. In full grand gear. My storm has 26 target so not on him so much, but the rest feel it for sure.

I don't even try to use fire elf any more (lvl 30 fire wiz, only wiz of mine that isn't grand). It will fiz twice before it casts. And he is wearing full crown gear with target. So you can throw your "use good gear" idea out the window.

Doesn't matter to me if it gets changed or not. The monsters will always fall when facing me. But it indeed draws out some battles and gets you killed where it didn't before. I got owned by Agony Wraith last night twice in a row due to fizzles. I didn't even lose to him on my life, my fire should own him with a hand tied behind his back.

The fact of the matter is that the fizzles almost don't care how good your gear is. Which adds a challenge, but in the same respect, don't we get the uber good gear to not fiz? Just my 2 cents of ramblings.

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