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Fix Dragonspyre

Dec 23, 2008
Please get rid of all the instance areas in DS. A little would be fine but this is terrible. In DS the game is very linear, so to progress in level, quest A leads to quest B ect, ect. I wound up doing the labyrinth 4 time in a row. The second time wasn't bad as I had a group, but soloing it the other 3 times was terrible, extremely long and tedious. In the first few worlds you fall over people looking to group, but in DS, I've gone hours without seeing anyone.
It would also be nice to bring the boss hit point levels to a reasonable level, and have them actually use spells from their own school. Between creatures having an insanely natural resistance to their own school of magic (be nice to get a little natural resistance to my own school of magic) and their ability to cast from any school,any level spell makes preparing your deck ahead of battles practically usless. After Wizard City, is their any creature that doesn't cast the Balance spell Weaken???
Sometimes you only have 20-30 minutes to play, And if all thats open to your current character is soloing some instance area, why would you even bother.