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Fire essay/guide

Dec 20, 2008
Alexander Lionhearts Pyromancer Enchiridion
First introductions, I am a level 60 Fire wizard otherwise known as a Legendary Pyromancer. My name is Alexander Lionheart, and I have devoted many days of studies to the secrets of fire magic. I believe fire is the most powerful of magic and one of the first three created. Here will be why I think it’s the most powerful magic as well as guides and certain rules that must be obeyed to be successful master of the Fire magic’s lucrative art. This guide is a must have for all Pyromancers, low level or high. This is also an important read for other schools as it holds secrets on how to beat us fire wizards. I would like to apologize now for the detailed language and the lack of abbreviations. This is a formal, informative essay…except for my awesome humor! One of the most important components of being a strong pyromancer, is the correct organizations of your deck. This is a guide to a high-level pyromancer or a legendary pyromancer’s deck. The first thing you must have is pixie. Though it may seem insignificant it is one of the crucial spells almost every wizard should have. Next add the some blades and traps. And by some, I mean all you can! It is of the utmost importance to have them in. Add a few H elephants and Dragons and a lot of Efreets. Here is another secret; the Heckhound spell is amazing. Not only does it get rid of tower shields and other defenses, but it does a high stack of damager per turn. Out of all the X spells Heck hound does the most. While Judgment does 100 and Tempest does 85 damage per pip, Heckhound does 125! Save four slots for shields. Whatever monster you face put his schools shields in those four spots. The rest depends on your second school but I also like throwing one minion in there too. In player vs. player many pyromancers prefer more dot spells. Spells like Link and Scald may become more useful but for the most part this guide is not for player vs player but for getting your pyromancer to become a successful Legendary wizard.
This is for pyromancers who have obtained Helephant but not Dragon or efreet. Most of what you want for the legendary deck applies here. But, instead of Efreet and Dragon you wield other useful spells like Helephant, Phoenix, Scald, Heckhound, and Immolate. When Helephant isn’t available to your level you have the same attack but add Meteor Strike or Sun Bird. As you get lower some spells may also become un-available to you. Add a blade or a trap and almost all monsters can be killed at one’s leisure. Lastly, remember to shield consistently. Your health will only last so long. One last tip…by treasure tower shields. They are extremely important and helpful!
Want to know what a pyromancer should do with their training points? This paragraph will cover that! There are many ways that a pyromancer can use their training points. My favorite strategy is training ice all the way to the Tower Shield. You can then use some more training points and learn death to Feint. After that you can learn the remaining two training points to learn Reshuffle and Unbalance. Another way you can go is to learn life all the way. Pyromancers are not famous for their health. Taking life is not at all a bad way to go about your wizards spells. As you get to higher levels you may look to get rid of opponent’s shields. If this really annoys you, the school of myth might be a good second choice because of earthquake! WARNING: Do not choose storm as your second school. It just will not help you in ANY way. I also suggest learning the elemental blades and traps from the balance tree in Krokosphink. At later levels having these blades can help you really power up. I suggest not learning any spells that buff your minion unless you really…really want to. You could also train in Balance. However, I only suggest balance if you are the “proud” parent of a child in game. It lets you give pips and help your child. In the end you just have to pick to your unique style of play! Another major way to increase the power of your pyromancer is through pets. Here is a general summary of what you want. The higher the pets pedigree the better the talents it CAN supply. You normally want a pets’ pedigree to be at LEAST 40. However, you really want it to be in the 50’s or higher. Some may come with cards at certain levels; there are baby, teen, adult, ancient, and epic levels. I have three main pets I use. The one I use most often is my rare Inferno Salamander. At level epic it gives a card that does around 60+690 over three rounds for 6 pips. That’s more damage than Helephant does for the same amount of pips! That’s a good spell! I also use my Helephant and Crimsonzilla pets. But enough about me; here are suggestions for Fire pets! At a low level, start off with a Fire cat! It gives basic talents but that is all you need at a low level. As you go up Heck hound becomes available and is a cheap buy! The Mander, Fire Salamander, and of course the Inferno Salamander are all good Krokotopian Fire pets. Mander even comes with a decent card as well! As you go up Fire Bats, Red Banshee’s, Sunbirds, and Fire Serpents (with a card) can be acquired. In Celestia there is a potent Sea Dragon; but only if you have a lot of crowns. In this guide I did not include gift card pets.
From the very start of your Wizard 101 experience, you may wonder what clothes you should wear and what stats are important. This topic can be crucial to a Fire wizard’s success. At the lower levels, pyromancers should first worry about their health. At level 1 you can still got to Ugo Kalahad right across from the arena and get clothes that give you health. Two other robes I like to recommend to you pyromancers is the Robe of Embers and the Splendiferous Robe from the Bazaar. As you level up, resist and attack boost become important. For the level 15 pyromancers I suggest the Bone Keepers robe and the Edo Nirni’s Ardent help (hat). As you get to level 25, I sincerely suggest getting the Epic Bundle from Game Stop. This card has a great staff, clothes, castle, mount, and pet. It is $40 but I believe it’s worth it. If you can’t afford this card I suggest Mugsy’s Enkindled Cloak. And for a hat I like Smogger’s Cowl of Courtesy. Moving now to Mooshu and level 40; you may want to get more “advanced.” Here I STRONGLY suggest buying some crown items. In Mooshu you will have to farm for your items. I have had the same robe for 20 levels and I stitch it so my new clothes look like it. This robe is the Jade Oni’s Garment’s which can be acquired by the Jade Oni…duh. At the end of the essay you will see a picture of me and I will be wearing a robe that used to be the Jade Oni’s Garment’s; and now it’s stitched to my celestian clothes. For a hat I suggest Youkai’s Cap of Brainstorm from (you guessed it) Youkai. As for boots try the Zanaki’s Slippers of Tact; you can farm them and purchase them in the Bazaar. In dragonspyre the robe is quite simple. The best robe is the robe from Malistaire. However, it is extremely hard to acquire which is why even for level 45-50 I suggest Jade Oni’s Garments. Mainly however, in dragonspyre you want to start piling on massive amounts of boost Fire and health. These clothes will lead the way into Celestia! I am not going to list clothes for every level, 50, 52, 54, ect… but I will tell you what to look for. Lots of boost Fire, health, accuracy, and critical, are crucial to the success and invincibility of your wizard. If you have crowns, the Life sword is very helpful at this stage of game. Clothing is very important to a pyromancer. However, so are their rings, wands, necklaces, and anthems.
This paragraph is fairly simple. However, I love giving advice about wands, staffs, and swords. It is almost like my “specialty” even if it is an easy topic. You start out with a simple wand. At level 5 you can purchase a better wand in the Shopping District for around 250 gold. At level 10 you get a quest that will allow you to obtain a staff. At level 15 a wand can be bought in Krokotopia (looks like a cobra). You can also get an upgrade with a Nirni’s staff which can be bought at the Bazaar. In Marlybone you can purchase a wand at level 25. However, you can buy a staff (again from the Bazaar) that gives you an extra pip which can be extremely helpful. Again we come to the topic of crowns. There are many swords and staffs you can get that give extra pips or power pip at even lower levels. It just depends how hardcore your play is, and how much money you have. If you want to get serious about the game, I suggest looking at the crown shop for items. At level 35 you can go to Mooshu for your new updated wand. At level 40 is when (non crown) swords come into the game. They give an extra power pip. To get these swords you will have to farm from various Mooshu bosses. At level 45 there are swords and staffs to choose from. At the end of a certain mission, you will get the Dragon Rider staff. It is an epic staff that I used for almost 10 levels. In Celestia you can get a sword in the base camp. You can also go to the Bazaar at level 55 to get a better wand. You can craft a staff but I do not suggest it. It is not great and is not worth the time and money. But if you want it, you can get the recipe at the island in Celestia. My current sword is the game’s best . It is a crown item and is a must have for dedicated players.
This is a shortened version: go to central to see the whole thing!