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Filtered text?

Mar 19, 2009
I notice when you go under the my accounts tab to the left there is a section that says filtered text on. I was wondering if or how that can be turned off. Just curious because it appears there is a way to turn it off by preference or if it is not an option but a manditory thing. I understand what you guys are trying to do by having filter chat and appreciate it but it can be really annoying and if there is a legal and approved way to get passed this I would love to know so can you get back to me on this matter.
Thx and keep up the good work guys :-D

There are three different types of chat. Depending on your account, and how it is setup, one or several of the chat types below may be available to you. The three types of chat available to Wizards are:

1. Menu Chat: This is also referred to as "bubble chat". It is completely safe and all players may use the Menu Chat.

To use Menu Chat, simply select the Chat icon from the upper left corner of your screen. A list of categories and words will appear that you can select from.

2. Text Chat: This is a form of chat that allows you to communicate with other players by pressing the Enter key and typing words from our dictionary.

When you press Enter on your keyboard, you can type words from our Wizard Dictionary, and then hit Enter to say your sentence.

Chat can be seen in two different ways:

1. “Say” – is a kind of chat that anyone in your area can see. These appear as bubbles above your character's head.

2. “Text” – is person to person chat regardless of where they are in the game (remember: you can only Text to your level of approved chat). You can use this chat with characters that are on your Friends List.

3. True Friend Chat: This is the same as "Text Chat" except it is enabled through the use of a "True Friend" code. If a Wizard knows a friend in real life, outside of the game, they can exchange a code that will allow them to communicate with one another. It may be used by Wizards of all ages.

Different Wizards have different levels of chat. Players that have Menu Chat will appear with this icon over their head, beside their title.

To talk to these Wizards you will need to use the Menu Chat too. Players without this icon beside their title can see all Chat.

Apr 18, 2009
Yes, but the current idea of the filter chat is to have text chat completely on or off, which is rather annoying. There should be a way to have the option of turning off the filtration of words, i.e. numbers. It is a pain to not be able to speak normally.

While developing Wizard101, we realized the style and content of the game would appeal to all ages. As a result of our young audience, we decided to incorporate safeguards that make online play a generally safe and positive experience (especially when dealing with other players).

Below, you can read about some of the features and functions we have placed in the game in order to create a safe environment. By creating a parent account, you are able to turn these features on or off and determine the acceptable level of safety for your children.

As shown above, Wizard101 features a safe Menu Chat system that offers a wide range of pre-selected phrases, greetings and emotions that give players flexibility with in-game communication while keeping exchanges safe and family-friendly.