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Few question about gauntlet and scroll of fortune

Jun 10, 2012
I have 2 main question:

1.i read on some site related to wizard101 about gauntlet that different rank give different drop and high rank mean better drop. That sound logic for reagent,gears,tresure cards and seeds, and probably pet too but my question is;
Is the housing items and pet are concerned?
For example the lady of the lake booble heads drop at rank 3 grand tourney but can i get it at rank 5?

2.the fall scroll of fortune arcane emote show me a balance design, as a storm if i pick it i will receive a storm design or the balance one?

The GoldenFlamme

Jun 10, 2012
Anyone have the answer to these questions?

Jun 10, 2012
hi again
i really need to know if i buy the scroll of fortune i receive a storm arcane emote or a balance one.
if that storm i buy it with my storm if not i should try to complete the scroll with my balance

thanks for answering me

Aug 07, 2012
Sorry for the delay in answering.

YES My storm got the storm arcane emote in the fall scroll of fortune and my fire wizards got the fire arcane.

KI kindly geared that arcane to the wizard that has the scroll and reached that far. Lots of good stuff on the scroll. I bought it for all 4 of my wizards!

I don't know the answer about your gautlet question.

Jun 10, 2012
Thanks for the answer
Let buy it for kane so