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Favourite School

Mar 27, 2014
Which school do you like most out of all the others and just makes the game fun for you and why?

Does any class in particular have amazing spells that catch your eye and why?

What is the best pet (your opinion) that a type of class gives and why?

Jesse StormBlade

May 13, 2013
Pucify on Apr 4, 2014 wrote:
Which school do you like most out of all the others and just makes the game fun for you and why?

Does any class in particular have amazing spells that catch your eye and why?

What is the best pet (your opinion) that a type of class gives and why?

Jesse StormBlade
My favorite school out if all of them is balance. Why? Well, for one thing, it has different spells from othe schools that you can use. I could say more about why I like it but I'm lazy
A spell that catches my eye in this school is JUDGMENT. It's considered (in my opinion) the most powerful spell out of all balance spells. You could do a crazy amount of damage at such a low lvl when you get it.
Hnm... I'm not sure of a particular pet, but since I just like the look, I would say the saber tooth pet in the test realm of KRPT2 . I just like the look of it.
Well I hoped this helped you in any sort of way! :)

Jul 24, 2011
Well... I love Fire, with a Storm secondary. It is... well... my fave because that's how you do it! No, because I love fire stuff. Spells that catch my eye... hmmm.... Sun Serpent! A snake that flies! Oh yeah! Well obviously Sun Serpent for a pet 'cause of the part I just said about my fave spell!

Cole GoldenFlame, Level 37 Pyromancer

Mar 05, 2013
My 1st and only Promethean Wizard is Balance. It's very much my favorite school out of my 5 Wizards. Favorite spell is Chimera, especially when it's fully bladed and trapped and goes critical. It's something to behold. 30,000 damage. I love my Judgment pet. She's so cute the way she wiggles when she casts her little spell. I think of the rest my Death Wizard would be the next favorite. Definitely has the coolest looking spells of all, and the pets are very ominous looking.

Mar 17, 2011
mine is ice because it bad as
ice has cool blocks and i can steel heals hehe
i love that ice is hard to kill sure were week in power but you know what who cares if you last long eounght then you can take anyone down before you go down

Mar 27, 2014
Thanks for all those comments and answers guys! I'd love to know what you think and what makes the game good for you.

Don't forget to keep all those replies coming!

Jesse StormBlade

Nov 10, 2012
I like the fact that I can kill the enemy and get myself health at the same time.
I just like the feel of it, water gushing everywhere, it just seems so serene.

Based on looks/stats I would say Spinyfish or Tailstorm Pantera.

Sep 19, 2013
My favorite school is Death, because of the drains. It fits my personality type perfectly, I like to solo but don't like decisions.
The best Death pet is probably Avenging Fossil, but the best pet overall is the Enchanted Armament. It gets Pain-Giver and Spell-Proof 1st gen, and gives Sharpened Blades. This allows me to overcome any sort of lack of Death damage capability, and OHKO Gladiator Dimachaerus through a spirit shield with nothing but my own boosts (with a little help from an item hex and spirit trap).

Jan 23, 2011
My favorite Wizard is the Ice Wizard. I love the ice wizard because of the amazing amount of health you earn and the fact that you almost always have a shield to protect you. This means you can last in battles much longer than normal without dying!

Now there are two spells in particular I like most about the ice wizard. 1.Tower shield and 2. Ice Guardian. I like the Tower shield because it can defend against ANYTHING even balance attacks! Extremely useful in a battle where you go against a balance wizard or any wizard really. Next I love the Ice Guardian because without it I wouldn't survive alot of battles. Plus, it doesn't leave minions open just to the myth schools. now myth AND ice can acquire a minion of their own without the use of training points. One other good thing about the Ice Guardian is the fact that it doesn't take up time to put shields like I would it just goes ahead and attacks. Usually after putting up a trap or iceblade!

As for pets, no comment. Ice Wizard out!

Nov 21, 2013
Droppin' my name in here to represent Balance. I've always loved all of the spell animations and the Balance style-of-play. Death and Fire aren't far behind on my list, though.

Sep 17, 2012
For solo play, myth by far. For team play, I love balance and storm equally. It's fun to play hammer sometimes and it's just as fun to play heal/support/tank others.

Feb 07, 2011
Storm wizard here!

I like all schools for different reasons, but Storm is, and has always been, my favourite. I'm an artistic, ambitious, no-holds-barred kinda gal, so my exalted diviner is definitely the most like me. Go big, or go home!

Favourite spells: Sirens is pretty sweet, but I love me some Leviathan. As for pets, I like my Lord of Spring (a Storm version of Lord of Winter) and my damp demon, both of which I got from hatching with super-tank Brynnerofreign.

Yes, Storm is known for big hits. But, because I often work odd hours and can't play during peak times/meet up with friends, I needed my character to be defensive as well... So I decided to forgo critical, in favour of high resist and block. My little Sestiva probably has some of the scariest stats you'll ever see on a Storm wizard~ if you meet her in-game, the best option is to stay out of her way.