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favorite tactics/strategies/etc.

Mar 08, 2009
please tell me if this is in the wrong forum

Hey I was just wondering that wizard101 isn't just a game where you destroy monsters and solve puzzles, which already makes for a good game. But it is actually a strategy game that may have to change with the situation.

Does anyone have a favorite strategy, I'm wondering. I know the on the first three turns I like to cast:

fiire trap
fire shield

then on the fourth turn, I cast my immolate spell. Every thing fire I have cast comes into effect. it usually deals around 1000+ to my opponent and only 50 to me. its a good stragtegy to have

Mar 02, 2009
While immolate is a nice spell for attacking one monster it doesnt really work to well for me. I have been doing all my quests with a partner who is a life wizard so she usually just heals and helps finish anything i leave behind. I start with a fire blade and then cast a tri-blade (fire, storm, ice) and if i dont have enough pips yet (which is rare) i cast a fire trap on the monster i believe will survive, and then i cast Meteor. This usually always works unless a monster has over 700 health, and in that case my partner has enough pips to finish whatever is left.

Dec 14, 2008
I enjoy hitting one enemy with 0 pipattacks and then NAILING the other one with a one hit kill