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favorite school

Feb 14, 2010
hello everyone just curious to know what your favorite school is. thanks

Oct 01, 2010
Even though Im a storm I have to go with death its attacks are fairly strong and it gives you health back plus there are lots of cool looking outfits unlike storm

Jul 18, 2010
It's a three way tie for me between , , and ... oh but i really love and !! Oh and is really cool!! Oh gosh i just can't decide I love them all lol! Except for ....

Oct 07, 2010
Jul 25, 2014
I wish is didn`t pick storm as my secondary school,
everyone uses those storm shields nowadays!

Jan 27, 2010
Jul 31, 2012
I am more going to answer this with a helper than an answer

Balance ; good for pvp etc. but I don't really liked it I thought judgement would do it for me but then I realized all balance has is hydra and judgement for lower levels, and yeah obviously judgement is all for lower lower players, and then you reach 42 for hydra and then what? you gain power pips maybe 8 out of 10 and you need to blade yourself.. well good luck wasteing power pips on a blade lol.. weakness etc. are good but same problem.. low lvl pvp is good for balance

storm; I did not test this school yet but this might be one of the best school for solo, EXCEPT
yeah you heard me, solo storm? From all the schools I have tested so far and I thought well about this, STORM MIGHT BE THE BEST, except the fact that a lot of monsters storm shield a lot, a lot are myth or storm as well and you can convert if you are quick, together with low rank spells doing a ton of damage! the accuracy, indeed is not that good at the beginning but from level 20 you get boost gear and life gear.. the health shouldn't be a problem after 30~35 if you got a bit of good gear, which will give accuracy as well, so you get high damage, so a rank 3 spell doing 400 damage, lets say you are level 30-35 and fighting a storm enemy, round one a wand powerpip and another for the turn, makes 2 power pips, cast a prism and turn 2 you got 3 power pips either cast stormzilla or one more turn BOOM triton with your gear and the prism, which makes it boost you probably will hit 1200 round 2.. bad example but you get the point

myth; I got a conjurer, I like myth, it was my first account but I am trying different schools right now.. myth is good but ehh, yeah not many people have myth shields and getting a minion is good in pvp, together with medusa and/or orthrus, but it doesn't really help that much, higher lvls the minions are usually worthless READ NEXT

Jul 31, 2012
Second part;

Fire; I am playing a pyromancer right now.. but I am not really liking it
The DOT ( damage over time ) is not really usefull lol.. in pvp a good charged heckhound would be good if they only got one fire shield but lets say yeah?

phoenix 5 pips
centaur 6 pips

both have exactly the same damage, if you get three power pips which you will if you are near level 40, or just have good power pip gear, you would waste the pip for the phoenix..
phoenix, = fire = 75% accuracy standard
centaur = life = 90% accuracy standard, hmm so if I would have a nice power pip chance, then i would waste a pip for phoenix together with having 15% less accuracy? just one of many examples that fire takes a dive for defense and life together with power pip percentage... for what? hmm, either sun serpent treasure card which is ( really close to ) impossible to find, you would camp there for hours to get a single sun serpent tc, so you are taking fire for an efreet which does 900 damage.. congrats 8 pips.. a triton does nearly the same and you can cast that in round 2.. efreet needs round 3 at least and then you need to gain 4 power pips straight at level 30-50.. good luck! alright so fire should just be your thing to choose, you got link.. to heal you.. the minion is worthless.. what remains? efreet, or you got to be 88? for sun serpent.. when you reach that mark then you are slightly comparable..

life; not so much to say if you read this all, life heals at the cost of pips of course though, but nice rounded 4 pips for satyr, boost heal and maybe even critical is 1000+ heal easy ! ( minimal 1000 with the smallest boost ) and for the rest as explained with the centaur and phoenix, life should have reasonable power pips, good defense! ( the 'resist' you see ) really high accuracy.. life should be medium, fine..

death; death is really good.. at first I thought it wasn't but when you play a bit you realize it is quite good!
you got feint, and a ton of people said it before me but the

Jul 31, 2012
but the healing with the spells is just so amazing! you don't even need a heal most of the time because it will heal you, the level 88 spell, docter von's monster is most of the time available with multiple copies to be bought, giving a reasonable 900 damage + 450 life to you minimal, and of course you boost it.. so you boost a hit for damage and even get more life in return.. how much better does it get? 85 accuracy is given standard as well.. a damage over time spell like skeletal dragon make death pvp-able as well to get rid of the first shield and then big hits follow unshielded! so choice of both kind of spells.. reasonable health power pip a bit lower than reasonable defence but still nice..! Only downside is that quite some bosses in higher levels are death.. not all shield life so you can convert but some do so you will need to either try to pierce or bring a friend or too.. for the rest nothing bad to say about death..

ice; ice has minor damage compared to other schools.. ice colossus 460-540 damage with 80% accuracy and a 6 pip cost.. so near 1000 damage with triton or half of it with ice colossus.. but in return, my friend with ice is lvl 50 grandmaster and has near 3500 health.. hardly wearing high life clothing..
my lvl 100 storm friend has 3200 health wearing low life clothing as well.. so you get an idea of the base life
lvl 50 ice life compares to double its level in storm..
and deals nearly half the damage of a rank 6 spell with its own rank 6..
ice is good for soloing, tower shield high life good defense etc. but it just has to be your thing.. long battles low damage..

in my opinion best choices;

storm gets 'tempest' 80 damage per pip (160 per power) to all enemys at lvl 28
triton at level 38
storm lord at level 48
healing current for good heals!

death has good heals reasonable damage less power pip and defense good accuracy (85%)

heals and reasonable dmg 90% accuracy standard

Earthquake removes all shields etc.!

hope you can
choose now!

Mar 01, 2014
My favorite school would be it was the first school i picked when I first started playing wizard101

Blaze Fireshard lvl 100

Jan 26, 2013
Although I am ice, I have to go with balance. Balance can heal, has a good amount of health and damage, has shields for every school (except balance, of course.), and works pretty well in PvP!

Jul 25, 2012
I personally think is the best. I may be but seems to have no huge disadvantages in any worlds.
A close second would have to be a tie ( if that makes sense ) between and . because they can heal and attack in one spell. because of the hugely increased accuracy.

Jul 29, 2012
life: I have a level 56 life wizard named finnagan greencloud. I love being a life wiz because of the super high accuracy and with a few sun school spells, I have increased damage plus I can always heal so I hardly ever die