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Favorite and Least Favorite Worlds

Apr 26, 2009
I'm curious. I know I have favorite worlds to quest in and those I can't stand. So I'd like to know others favorites/least favorites and why?

My favorites are Krokotopia and Mooshu.

The reason I like these, I'm not sure why I like Krokotopia, just know when I moved to Marleybone I wanted to go back. I have 4 wizards, 1 a grandmaster so she has been through all the worlds and 3 working their way there. I've never minded doing krokotopia over and over, maybe because the quests don't seem to be too lengthy. Mooshu I think is a very interesting peaceful world and so I don't really mind being there at all.

I'll have to add Wizard City is not bad either. The quests are simple and it has pleasant surroundings.

My least favorites are Marleybone and Dragonspyre. Marleybone because the mobs drive me crazy, it's dark all the time and Abigail Doolittle has you running all over the place. The mobs drive me crazy the way they attack. Their motions are speedy and for some reason this drives me insane. All my wizards can't wait to get out of there. Dragonspyre is just very lengthy. The quests in an area just never seem to end. It takes forever to get what you need if you are collecting items (Hate the failed to collect..........). It's also dark and dreary which seems to make my mood dark and dreary.

So these are my favorites/least favorites and why. How about yours?

Scarlet Song
Grandmaster Sorcerer

Feb 01, 2009
My favorite is mooshu it is just fun. i didnt really like dragonspyre i think the worst was marleybone, it is just so boring!

Dec 21, 2008
Wow, I finally discovered this post! Hehe, Well, here I go!

Favorites: Moo Shu and Dragonspyre

Moo Shu: Oh my! This world is just so pretty! All the nature, its beuty puts you in a trance, which I call MooShuItus, ( Stupid name I know 8) )

Dragonspyre: Ok, I know its all gloomy and dreary, ( Why I posted second )
But, you have to admit, EVERYONE LOVES A GOOD CHALLENGE! This world is all about testing your strengths, and boy, does it!

Now, LEAST FAVORITES OF TERROR! ( Dramatic Music O, o )

Least Favorites: Wizard City and Marleybone

Wizard City: Wow, this world is WAY too easy! I was able to solo the WHOLE CITY with my death wiz, heading to krok at 10! ( Excluding nightshade ) The enemies are SO weak! I mean, come on! And the bosses are sort of mixed up! Harvest Lord is fire, Bastilla and Melweena, Put them in there rightful places!

Marleybone: AH AH AH THIS WORLD IS HORRIBLE! It makes you go through the ironworks WAY to many times! And the mobs and bosses SHEESH! Ok for the death quest to get animate. you have to fight Freddy NINE TIMES! And Jacques The Scratcher is fought TWICE! Thats not right!

Well, see ya'll around the spiral!

Blake LionFlame Grand Pyromancer


Hunter ShadowSong 30 Necromancer