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Fav World???

May 21, 2011
What's your favorite world??? Mine is Wintertusk (though it really isn't a world I guess) But it's still so awesome. With it's dramatic music, the fact that I'm fire and can fire boost to most of the bosses which are ice, AND I just love Grandmother Raven! When I found out her "true identity" I fell out of my chair laughing my head off. My least favorite world was probably Marleybone. I found it so bland, and getting stuck on those ramps was horrible.
Sydney Mistcatcher
Level 58 Fire

Jul 03, 2010
Mooshu, finally open space that is green and sunny, when I first hit there I was amazed with it all.

Also I have fond memories of that land as I had the most good friends during the first 3 worlds, most dropped off by the middle of Mooshu so it a bittersweet world for me. I entered DragonSprye pretty much solo, never again to find a group of friends like I did when I started the game.

Aug 10, 2011
My top 3

1. Dragonspyre. I loved the theme of Dragonspyre, the Russian accents, that cutscene, Dragonspyre was beautifully done and will always remain as my favorite world.

2. Mooshu. I love all the colors, its so pretty. I like the theme of theme of it and i love how tranquil it is.... It's just.... So.

3. Wizard City. Just. Just. I love this place. It started the whole plot of this game

Feb 24, 2009
May 10, 2010
My favorite world used to be WinterTusk, now it is Avalon.

I love everything about Avalon (Except no level 80 gear yet )
Awesome story line, awesome scenery, a good challenge, lots of fun!

So now, Wintertusk is now my second favorite followed by Mooshu!

Feb 07, 2011
My favourites:


The ruins are gorgeous~ the whole world was just amazingly done, and Randomperson16 already covered most of the reasons why. I love dark stuff~ give me crypts and crumbly old buildings, and I'm a very happy wizard indeed. :D

And the cut-scene... Oh lord, I almost cried like a little girl! A part of my heart will always belong to Malistaire and Sylvia... the game has lost its magic for me since that arc ended. Darkness, despair!


As a fan of Harry Potter for 10+ years, I loved this world as well. I don't care that it was a side-world; it was so cheery, and whimsical... but not so sickeningly-cute that my senses were on overload. LOL.

I love the Nightflame Pegasus mounts, too. I remember checking out the test-realm, and posting on the boards that I wanted a mount version of the pretty ponies flapping around the Aerie... so glad that KI listened to us!

Wizard City

Let's face it, it's home. Reminds me of when I was just a baby wizard... plus it's got the ever-so-handy Bazaar and Waterworks.


Worlds I don't like: Marleybone, Mooshu, and Celestia. The rest fall somewhere in the middle...

May 11, 2011
I love Zafaria. I just adore Lions and Elephants so this world was just heaven even though I haven't made it there yet.
Morgrim Myth
Level 52 Conjurer

May 07, 2011
Marleybone. Everybody seems to hate it, but I loved it. All the puns, like H.G. Waggs and Meowiarty were amazing. All you had to know was patience, and you were set for that world.

May 13, 2009
My favorite world is, and always will be, Wizard City! :D

I remember when I first made my wizard and began my journey in the spiral. It was so simple and fun, and when I'm not doing quests you can find me in WC somewhere...just hanging out. :)

Mar 18, 2009
My favorite world has always been Krokotopia. Intriquing storyline, fun puzzles, Indiana Jones adventuring....what's not to love. Besides, it's one of the few worlds where you have to go find the boss to fight them (Krokhotep), whereas the others sit and wait for you!

Aug 01, 2011
my favorite world is dragonspyre wonderful music and the place is awesome took me a month and beat it on thanksgiving it was a good world but my least favorite worlds are mooshu and celestia and krokotopia mooshu because it was WAY to long lol celestia i have no idea why i dont like it krokotopia it seems boring in my opinion also i have one more world thats my favorite before i go I loved zafaria it was awesome i love the jungle design and the enemies also the dungeons were good challenges those are my favorite and least favorite worlds i bid you a good day

Thomas StormLeaf
Balance Holds All Magic's Power In Place Do Not Forget

Jul 31, 2011
For me and my daughter, we LOVE Wintertusk.
Not only was there tons of great experience points there, but the drops were epic... we now farm in Vestrilund often when we need gold... 20 minutes later our banks are maxed out and we can get whatever we wanted.

We also loved the look and feel of Zafaria, xp and drops were also great and then we loved Avalon, big bosses were a blast and the drops were also great for the gold.

We look excitedly towards the future and what new worlds Wizard101 will bring to us... it is all going to be epic!