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Family Friendly? Really?

Jan 24, 2010
Adaptation wrote:

I am dissapointed in KI because its business model seems to be more and more focused on promoting "games of chance" (call it gambling if you want) which are unhealthy for families and especially frustrating for kids. I love card games, and have spent plenty of money on them, but Wizard101 is extroadinarily expensive for what you get....not to mention you practically require a subscription unless you have purchased zones with crowns from the very beginning because quests require you to jump back and forth to random zones.
I am giving up Wizard101, which is by far my favorite game, because I feel that KI has taken advantage of my love of the game. If you read these forums, many will disagree with my statements because they

A) were lucky and got the rare card or gear that they wanted with minimal time/money investment

B) have literally nothing better to do with their time or money

C) are so blinded by their love of the game that they can't see it for the tragedy it has become

Goodbye Wizard101, it was great while it lasted, but I am going to go play an MMO which primarily rewards skill and cooperation, NOT a detrimental investment in money and time.

Are you perchance from another fansite? I have seen this campaign at Central, and the accompanying video that accuses KI of being greedy, and rehashes the whole "crown charges are unfair" hoopla. If you are one of these wizards, happy trails to you.

Lukewarm Regards,