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Exalted Myth Amulet?

May 08, 2011
So I'm a level 48 death wizard who's secondary class just so happens to be myth. Me and my friends go and farm the secret Gladiator boss in Mount Olympus. (I only fought him once, didn't have enough time to do it more than that :P) I got this amulet, which apparently seems like an upgraded version of myth mastery amulet. Is it rare or something? I'm thinking it's pretty common since I got it on first try. Also, does it glow around body like regular mastery amulets?

Sep 17, 2012
All exalted mastery amulets are extremely rare. They appear like other mastery amulets, they just add some boost and blocks. I've fought the 3 bosses that drop the amulets 1000's of times, I've never gotten one. The downside to getting that amulet for you is that you cannot use it until level 90, but keep it because it's not likely you'll ever get another.

May 08, 2011
Sweet. I got pet on second try with friends, going to go for alpha and omega ring.

Jan 27, 2012
Haha!! Its not common AT ALL. Id say around 1-3% for each boss the drops it. That goes for all exalted mastery amulets. I was fortunate enough to get my life exalted from Cronus before getting the arguably best athame in the current game. I would deffinatly keep it, as a death you may find a myth mastery handy in pvp.

Mar 30, 2010
Very very rare.

I have the one from the Gladiator.

I have the one from Hades, himself.

I've probably fought Hades and company and the secret bosses many many times. I tend to get MORE gear (not always better) with a full group vs just myself or one other wizard. Also I tend to get more gear as well if my backback has less than 90/100 items in it.